Hadith of the Update

Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

Quote of the Update

Everyday is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on.

-Carrie Underwood

Friday, December 30, 2011

Treat Your Siblings Like Siblings

Hey guys. Morning morning and morning. *Inhaling fresh air* Huh. What have you done this morning guys? You went for a jog? Walaweh. Nice. Cooking? *Bak sikit..XD* Me? I did.... Err.. Almost nothing. Reading, facebooking,,,, and some other boring stuffs. Now, time to continue to the topic. Why did I feel like writing about this? Because yesterday, I went to Pesta Pulau Pinang, *pakat mai sini, Pulau Pinang menanti* and I met with my mother's friend who was/is taking care of the parking lot. Pak cik apa tah nama dia but it doesn't matter. He's a nice guy. Then, my mom told me that his sister always humiliate him. Not the normal joking type of humiliation but very mean type of humiliation. Example,*hanya contoh rekaan* "Kau ni bodoh,pemalas,miskin,kotor,jijik dll* What do you think guys? Is that how a sister who has quite high income treat her little brother? According to my mom, that pakcik can't even read. Sepatutnya, adik tu bukan dihina, tapi diberi peluang untuk belajar. You know how to read, so what's wrong with teaching him how to read? No big deal. Rezeki Tuhan bagi, jangan kedekut sangat. Dengan adik-beradik sendiri je pun. Now is his time, maybe next is your's. Only God knows. I heard that the sister's children are not that smart compared to the brother's. See, maybe he's not clever but his childrens are. Tuhan Maha Adil. Whatever you do, whatever you get are a gift by Him. So, don't be over-proud of yourselves. Tak kemana blogwalker oi. For example, you may have a BMW car right now(itupun second hand..ceit) and when you are 'takabbur'(too proud like saying, "I'm rich. No one can take it away from me. Not even God can.), just you wait. Orang Melayu kata, dua kali Jumaat la tu. Dup dup dup. Your BMW are seized by the bank. Maybe it's not because of you but your children. Diorang hisap dadah ke apa, or berhutang ngan Along ke apa, nak bayar hutang punya pasal, korang pulak yang kena korban. That's what happens when you're 'takabbur'. Ok. Aku tau. This is just a typical drama scene. Tengok tv melambak-lambak scene macam ni. But, it can happen. So, don't be 'takabbur'. Don't be proud with what you have or what you get. You may think something is good for you but it's actually bad and you may think something is bad for you but it's actually good. That's just how life works. Maybe you don't get the intelligence of your brother or sister now but in the future maybe you get the wealth that your brother and sister can only dream of. *Ok. Bad example but you get my point. Right?* My point here is, treat your siblings nicely even if they are not that lucky in life and don't be 'takabbur'. Lainlah kalau adik-beradik kita tu kerja malas, tahu-tahu mintak duit je, takpe jugak. Bolehlah nak dimarahnya. But if they're not like that, then don't treat them badly okay. That's all for now I guess. *Tiada idea nak tulis panjang-panjang*


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Be Proud of Yourself

Hey guys. *Penat* Just came back from BJ Kompleks. Shopping-shopping sikit hari ni. Today, I found a new blog written by a 14 years old student(becoming 15 really soon). I am writing about this because I am really impressed by her advice. I quote,
"yes, you. stop being unhappy with yourself. you are perfect in your imperfections. stop wishing you look like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else. stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. stop hating your body, your face, your personality and your quirks. love them. without those things you wouldn't be you. and why would you want to be like anyone else? be confident with who you are. smile. it'll draw people in. if anyone hates on you because you are happy with yourself then you stick your middle finger in the air and say screw it. dont depend your happiness on others anymore. love your flaws. love your imperfections . they make you you . and you are pretty amazing."
 I salute you sister. I love your whole quotation*except for the middle finger thingie*. You're young but so...Oh no. I'm at lost with my words. You know what I mean. So guys, if this small, petite girl can think,write and do something like this, why not us? *I believe most of my blog readers are older than this girl* Maybe some of you think, "Alah...Setakat tulis dalam blog.Kalau dia tipu pun mana kau tau." Haha. Maybe you're right. But, I am inclined to believe this girl wrote what she really felt. I saw her once in a bus. She is like, really-really small *memang kalau korang tengok,you might even say she's a primary school student(sorry if you're reading this sister)*, but, I saw her love for herself. And I believe she has overcome the, "Why am I so small? Kawan aku semua tinggi-tinggi and besar-besar" feeling. I used to have the same feeling too. But because after reading this kind of quote, talked to someone who have superb way of making me feel better, I love myself more than ever. *Apalah yang aku merapu sekarang ni* What I'm trying to say is, love yourselves dudes and babes. I have so many friends who somehow believe in me and they told me what they feel about themselves. And the most common question is, "Kenapa aku dilahirkan kurang ______(apa-apa tinggi)? Kenapa aku tak dilahirkan _______(yang bertentangan dengan kekurangan yang mereka tinggi macam Robert Wadlow*tallest man in the world recorded by Guiness).
A picture of Robert Wadlow and his father
I know some of you used to think like that. But believe me, that's only what you think. And you should be grateful to God because there are so many tall people who wished they were smaller or shorter. I believe this would be the most common case for girls*hanya jangkaan*. Why? Because many people think someone who are short are cute*right?* For tall girls, they must be worried about how can they find a boyfriend. They are tall and they are making assumptions that no men will like women who are taller than them. Wrong! There are so many men who married a woman taller than them. For example. Bernie Ecclestone the CEO of Formula One Management.
Picture with her ex-wife Slavica
Macam dalam anime Angelic Layer*jangan bagitahu korang tak pernah tengok*, heroin-nya kecik,comel lotte bak kata orang Kelantan dan musuhnya dalam episod 19 bernama Chitose yang merupakan seorang yang tinggi lampai. Chitose said, "You will never understand how hard it feels for a girl to be tall like me. All the boys think that small girls are kawaii*cute/comel* And the heroin, Misaki was really shocked. "I always thought that being tall have its advantages. Only now I know that there people who hate being tall." In the end of that episode, Chitose got herself a boyfriend. LOL. *I sure watch a lot of anime-la* Anyway, my point is, be happy for who you are guys. You might think being fat is a disadvantage and believe me I've heard a girl said she wants a fat guy to be her husband. You might think being a nerd is a disadvantage but you must know there are quite a number of persons who wanted to be like you. So, stop hating yourselves, stop saying something bad about yourselves, and start appreciating yourselves. Like Malcolm Forbes said, "Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are." Don't be like in the song Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink. "Everyday I fight a war against the mirror, I can't take the person starin' back at me, I'm a hazard to myself. Don't let me get me, I'm my own worst enemy".

That's all for now. Till the next post and don't forget to visit again. Chow.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jangan Menangis

Jangan maraa aa...Haha

Hey guys. It's been a while isn't it? I really have no time to update this blog last month as I was busy with studying(macamlah aku study sangat...LOL). Now, I am having a week of holiday,so I'll try to update as much as I can. So, make sure to come and visit when you have the time all right. n_n
Right. Let's get back to the topic. 'Jangan Menangis' or Don't Cry In English(bajet aku je pandai BI..haha). I got the idea to write about this a few days, wait maybe weeks ago. I can't remember but that was when I saw Ms.Sweetest Drug was crying because of I don't know why. Really. I don't know why. But I heard that she cried a few times because of a few text messages that insulted her(just a gossip all right..idk the real reason). Jadi... Bayangkan ok. Imagine if you're in her shoes, what will you do? Let's say an anonymous(not me ok) texted you saying, "Ko xyah bajet hot ar./ Dasar pompuan jalang/ Laki sialan..Player ba**..Muka hodoh sial/ dll". What do you feel? Heart tores apart? Or, "Aku ni hodooohhhh." Or text your bf/gf, "Bi/Hunny..tlg baby/yunk..adeewww owg kateeww titew hodoh...waa...jaat(LOL)" Or...Ok,berapa banyak or daa. Keep the answers to yourself.
Why,why,why,why and why do you feel sad for something that you know that is/are wayyyyyyyy not true? Come on. Ask yourself. Sesetengah orang, dia tahu dia cantik,hot,hensem,lawa dan bermacam-macamlah compliment yang orang bagi kat dia kan... Sampai rasanya kalau pujian tu ada bentuk,box ke love ke atau apa-apa je la... For sure even one big bungalow will not be enough to keep it. Banyak sangat pujian yang dia dapat katakan. BUT!!! I wonder why they become totally emo, moody, loser(that's right...LOSER) just because of one or two text insulting messages or being insulted directly by a person. Pelikkan?(nod2) Come on. Let me share a quote by my lovely friend DOMO NISOOT(thanks and sorry coz I took it without your permission first).. 
"Haters don't really hate you. They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be." -Nisoot
Nice one aye. Well, I'm sure most of you...At least 90% agree with that quote. Maybe some people just have that kind of attitude to make people feel down of themselves but most of the time, the cases are because they're jealous of who you are. So, when you read this, I hope you will keep the quote in mind and when any people insult you, say to yourself, "They're just jealous if me." Repeat a few times if you want. Shikashi(Tapi), kalau dah ulang-ulang banyak kali pun still sedih, find someone to talk about it. Let me suggest the best people for you to express your feelings. Your parents. Then, your friends. I don't suggest you to talk about this to your bf/gf. Why? Because mostly, bf/gf hates hearing your troubles. Believe me. Takyah la nak manja-manja sangat. Buat diorang menyampah je. Baik cakap dengan kawan baik yang kita tahu dia sanggup mendengar masalah kita and somehow will try to help us. But, if you think your bf/gf is okay.... Then do whatever you want. Besides that, one of the most important thing is, DO NOT GET ANGRY. When you're angry, you're as good as lose. When you get angry, your thinking becomes cloudy and you cannot think properly. Instead, stay cool and if you have words that can hurl the insult back to the insultor, SAY IT! If not, just stay cool, and walk away like nothing happens and this I believe will somehow hurts the insultor's guts. Ala. Macam citer anime la. For example, Naruto. Naruto always insulted Sasuke right? But all Sasuke did is walk away or sometimes just say "baka"(stupid/bodoh). And because of the cool attitude, all of the girls love Sasuke. Kan kan kan? Jadi apa lagi bro/sis... STAY COOL...
Let me write the list of 'what to do when people insult you' that I gave you in my crappy writing above:
- remember to say quietly "They're just jealous of me"
- talk to your parents and best friends(bf/gf if you want)
- don't get angry
- say something that can hurl back the insult(if you have one)- stay cool
- walk away from the insultor

Before this post ends, let me share a story with you. A joker came onto stage and made a very funny joke. All the audience laughed. The joker then repeated the joke and this time, only a few people laughed. The joker repeated the joke again and this time no one laughed instead they got angry. "Boo. Don't you have different jokes to tell.. Boo" And this time the joker said, "If you cannot laugh on the same joke over and over again, why do you cry over the same mistake you did or the same humiliation by people over and over again?"
Till the next post. See ya.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is the pamphlet

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!*shouting*  Kot-kot lah tak dengar. Hehe. What? Ha ah kan. How foolish of me. It's just boring writing. Surely you can't hear it. Hehe. Anyway, see the title up there?
Well, the story begins when I was cleaning my table...*cleancleanclean* and then I found a pamphlet about Audiology by USM...Apa tu Audiology kita cite lain kali eh. Continue... *cucicucicuci* Well, then I picked and read the content. Everything inside it so...normal info lo..You can get it anywhere....General knowledge...Surely you know. But then...There's this one thing that caught my attention...At the part 'How to protect our EARS?'

...Satu cara yang ditulis di situ adalah...'Never put anything inside you ear canal,including cotton buds!*translation please*Jangan masukkan apa-apa ke dalam telinga termasuklah kapas telinga'. Err...there's a chinese translation but I don't know how to read/write/speak chinese... Hehe. Sorry.
See the third point

Back to the story, that sentence reminded me of what I used to read in the paper a few years ago. A doctor wrote the same thing. But at that time, I was kinda..Teenagers...Mana dengar cakap... Lagi dibuat ada la.. And I thought, "Then how the heck can I clean my ear?" Hehe. Seriously. You must have heard this a lot. Let's say when your friend says something to you and you can't hear it.You asked him/her to repeat and surely he/she will say, "Tak korek telinga eh?" Ada tak ada tak? Ada kan.. n_n  But now, when I read.. I think. I read more articles. I asked more questions to my mom.. And then... Write here... *nak kata bukan budak-budak lagi dah* According to the pamphlet, it says 'Clean your ears with a washcloth-covered finger only*translating*Membersihkan telinga dengan jari yang ditutup dengan kain sahaja.' Ok. Maybe info tu tak cukup jadi jom kita tambah...n_n  It's better to avoid using wet cloth to clean your ears because wet and warm condition would breed bacteria....Surely you don't want that. And totally use a clean cloth only. Jangan ambik kain lap kaki kat tandas pulak. Nak mampus namanya. Haha. And according to an article in the internet, it says you can also put a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil, or glycerin in the ear. To soften the wax it says. But remember... Not everyday. Maybe one time a week... Anyway, one thing you might not know is... Our ears actually  have self cleaning mechanism. So a a a a a... No using cotton bud to clean your ears as it will push you earwax deeper and may cause blockage in your ear canal. Bukan ambe cakap...Dr Paulose cakap...  Then then. Sometimes insects find their way into your ear. Aaa. Otoke? What to do??? According to Dr Paulose... Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear, then let it do the bubbling thing*H2O2 causes that* and then drain it with a washcloth. See if the insect have come out. Reminder: You may have to repeat it a few times...What? Traditional ways? Ada. Ada. I've heard that... When ant enters your ear.. Panaskan kapur and then sapu kat telinga. The hot chalk will cause the ant to crawl out... They say la.. I don't know. Never tested it. Perhaps you can try and tell me the result. And another old fashioned way is... If the insect enter your left ear.. Then close your right ear.. Sambil tutup hidung, nafas guna mulut... Kemudian baring sambil tindih telinga yang masuk serangga tu. Sleep je la mudah. Then the insect will come out. This one is done by me. And it works. Funny though. When I asked my mom why should I close the ear.. She said, "Semut tu tak nampak cahaya belah sana. Jadi dia patah balik." Haha. Gelak je aku. Well... That sure is a long post. Thanks for reading folks. Adios.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be Positive

Hey guys. How are you? I hope you're doing well. Hmm. As I had received my final examination result a few days ago and my baby brother and sister received their's today, I feel like writing about it tonight. But I really hope you won't misunderstand my intention. I just feel like giving some advice to myself and you and totally 0% intention for boasting. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get 5As and 1B.  Too bad my brother's and sister's results are not that good and not very bad either. So I asked my sister, why can't she get at least no C in any subjects and didn't she feel stressed out. "Ok la tu. Dapat nombor 47 per 205 lagi dalam tingkatan" answered her. "Hah? nombor 47? Kalau camtu bagi dapat semua B pun dah boleh dapat nombor 1-2 kot." "Mana ada.Budak yang nombor 1 tu dapat 7A" "Haa.Dah dia pandai,kawan la ngan dia.Baru leh jadi pandai." And this answer really hurts me, "Tak nak adik. Dia tu pelik. Cakap sorang-sorang.Macam abang la." "Tu satu cara nak belajar. Ulang apa yang belajar tu kuat-kuat.Bukan pelik." "Tak nak la.Dia tu pelik.Lain dari orang lain.Semua tak suka ngan dia.Tak nak adik."

And bla bla bla our talk continues. So the point here are:
1: Why do people think someone who talks to themselves(memorizing process) are weird and tends to stay away from them?
2:Why do people hate/discriminate someone who loves studying?

All right. I cannot answer those questions for myself because I really really have never think that way to other people. No matter how smart they are, or how weird they seems when they're studying, they are normal for me. Ya la. Bukannya cakap sorang-sorang macam, "Woi.Hang nak p mana? ; Haha.Lawak la you ni ; Ko jangan main-main ngan aku.Karang aku sepak sekali menyesal sepanjang hari." If they're like that, possibly they are crazy. Tapi masalahnya diorang cuma cakap macam ni, "Ni kena kali ngan ni,eh,tapi yang ni untuk apa ; Force is a pull or push, then, gravity tu tak push dan tak pull, wth dia dikira sebagai force pulak ; esok exam bio,aku nak study chapter 8.Lusa fizik aku nak rilek je."
Do you consider people like that crazy? Onegai. Please please please stop. Don't. They are just studying in their own ways so let them be. And please don't discriminate them. Don't push them aside until they have not many friends. Sampaikan kebanyakan kawan diorang pun jenis camtu gak. Rugilah orang yang berbuat demikian. Believe me. Try making friends with them and you will see that they are also normal like you. Benefits for you...You made friends with brilliant students and God willing... You will be like them too. Nothing to worry about. Even if some of your friends might think you're weird after that but at least you changed for the better. I got a story to tell you. It's my own experience and insyaAllah, you can believe this because I am not making story. Last year, when I was form 5 and still in MRSM KuPa, there is a new form 4 student who didn't tuck in his shirt. So, I asked him to tuck it in yet he growls at me and that time...I really really hate him. And the another time, a friend of mine asked him to do the same and he did the same thing he did to me. Then, the prefect commitee brought him to see the discipline teacher and there he was scolded. After that case, I never saw him doing anything bad anymore(sebenarnya dia cuma tak tuck in baju dan tu je masalah dia) and a few months after that, I became friends with him. He apologized to me and he said he was doing that at that time because he thought I was a junior(ya la...badan kecik). After that, when he sees me and my friends, he greeted us nicely and before I know it, I already like him. Betul cakap seorang kawan ni, "Hang kena kawan dulu ngan dia raja...Baru hang tau. Dia tu ok la." That time, I thought he was joking but in the end... I fell for it. That boy really is a nice guy. So, the point here is, never think bad about people until you have make friends with them. That's all for tonight.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Bukan Senang Nak Berjaya

Yoo. Hari ni rasanya nak tulis post dalam Bahasa Melayu. Bolehkan? Hehe. Ok. Jom sambung cerita. Selalunya cerita macam ni berlaku kat orang-orang yang pandai. Jadi apa? Well, selalunya diorang ni akan dengar ayat-ayat camni. "Ko pandai,otak genius,takpela ; Ko memang dilahirkan pandai ; Ko gifted ; etc" Korang pernah dengar ke? WAHH! Pernah? Budak pandai! Haha. Apa? Oh. Memang dengar la sebab korang sendiri pernah cakap? Haha. Ok-ok. Sebenarnya, ayat ni layak digunakan oleh orang yang malas je. Malas nak usaha. In my opinion, semua orang boleh je jadi pandai. Tak ada masalah sikit pun. Yang penting kena rajin belajarlah. Namun, tak dinafikan memang ada orang yang dah usaha bersungguh-sungguh tapi tak pandai-pandai. Jangan risau, Allah takkan sia-siakan usaha  anda. Ada la kebaikan lain yang disimpan-Nya untuk anda. Apapun, pernah tak kita terfikir mungkin mereka yang pandai ni dulu pun bukannya pandai sangat tapi lepas berusaha bersungguh-sungguh baru jadi camtu? Yes, I admit, memang ada orang yang dilahirkan dengan kepandaian, tapi, dia pun kena belajar, baru jadi lagi pandai. Rasulullah S.A.W pernah bersabda,
"Tuntutlah ilmu biarpun sampai ke negeri China.". 
Apa maksudnya? Cuba la tengok peta. Jalan darat dari Mekah nak ke China. Jauh tu. Masa zaman Rasulullah S.A.W mana ada kapal,bot semua tu. Memang Jalan Sutera tu lah yang jadi penghubungnya. Bahasa pun dah lain. Jadi, maksudnya Rasulullah S.A.W menyuruh kita belajar betul-betul walaupun terpaksa berjauhan dari keluarga sampai ke tempat orang. Dalam surah ar-Rad ayat 11, Allah berfirman,
"The fact is that Allah never changes the condition of a people until they intend to change it themselves."
Allah menyuruh kita berusaha untuk mengubah nasib kita sendiri. Jadi, kalau rasa dilahirkan kurang pandai, usahalah untuk jadi pandai. Satu lagi alasan yang selalu digunakan, "Dia ada duit. Boleh pergi tuisyen bagus. Mampu bayar private tutor." Tak tahu kenapa tapi memang sikap manusia suka mencari alasan untuk menutup kelemahan diri sendiri(me too). Kalau guna alasan tu, kita kena ingat, camne ngan student kat hostel? Bukannya diorang boleh pergi tuisyen kalau nak pun. Kalau boleh pun, masa cuti je la.Memang kalau ikut pengalaman di hostel, kita boleh tengok yang cara belajar setiap orang berbeza-beza. Ada yang nampak lepak, tapi result dia gempak. Bila tanya camne dia belajar, rupa-rupanya dia suka duduk dengan mana-mana study group. Then dia dengar apa yang group tu bualkan,dapat la ilmu kat dia jugak. Then, kalau dia tak faham apa-apa, dia tanya dan mintak orang-orang dalam group tu jelaskan. Haa. Tak perlu nak baca buku teruk-teruk pun dapat gak pointer 3.5 ke atas. Cool guy. Lagi, ada yang suka pergi kelas tambahan yang student buat. Untuk dapat keberkatan dalam ilmu, jadi ramailah student-student yang pandai dalam subjek tertentu buat kelas untuk subjek tu. Jadi, semua orang pun heboh-hebohkan pasal kelas tu. Ramailah yang datang. Kira ganti tuisyen la ni. Kadang-kadang kelas camni lagi bagus sebab nak tanya apa-apa tak yah nak malu. Semua kawan-kawan je. Kalau yang mengajar tak tahu, mungkin yang diajar tu ada yang tahu. Kan ramai. Hmm. Lagi, ada yang jenis ulat buku. Pagi, petang, siang dan malam... Buku je dalam tangan. Pergi kelas paling awal, balik makan paling lambat. Pergi prep paling awal, balik prep paling lambat. Prep malam paling awal, balik bilik paling lambat. Dalam bilik, baca buku lagi, tidur pukul 1-2 pagi. Haa. Yang jenis tu pun ada. Ada yang baca buku biasa-biasa, tapi campur dengan tanya orang untuk fahamkan konsep. Buat nota ringkas dalam kertas dan lekat kat meja. Style gak. Ada yang, biasa-biasa. Masa belajar, belajar. Kelas prep,baca buku,pastu kadang-kadang main kejap, kadang-kadang berbual kejap, pastu baca buku balik. Petang-petang, tak pernah miss riadah. Nak stabil antara mental dan fizikal katanya. Malam baca buku balik, study group ke. Haa. Jenis ni memang banyak dan biarpun ramai yang macam ni resultnya taklah sehebat group-goup lain, tapi result diorang ni pun tak mudah jugak. Pointer 3 ke atas gak. Ok la tu. Haa. Walaupun ada yang result tak berapa nak bagus, maybe pointer 2 lebih je, tapi bagi aku biasalah tu. Tak semestinya semua student asrama, SBP ke, MRSM ke apa ke mesti pandai-pandai. Mestilah ada yang kurang sikit. Tapi satu jaminan, usaha diorang pun bukan calang-calang. Ada yang tiap-tiap pagi miss rehat sebab nak pergi jumpa cikgu nak tanya soalan, tapi result tak seberapa jugak. Tapi aku bangga dengan diorang sebab kalau aku mati hidup balik pun, aku yakin aku takkan mampu usaha kuat sampai macam tu. Point kat sini, kepada sesiapa yang rasa dia kurang pandai, fikir-fikirkanlah, ada tak korang usaha macam diorang kat atas tadi. Kalau takde, come on! Strive hard for it. Kalau ada, tapi tak boleh jugak, cubalah guna cara lain untuk belajar, mungkin korang rasa korang jenis yang  suka membaca tapi result hampeh gak, cubalah cari kawan-kawan yang boleh ajarkan korang. Try a few ways of studying and insyaAllah, korang akan jumpa cara yang sesuai. Yang paling penting, korang mesti ada keinginan untuk belajar dan berpegang pada prinsip Imam Malik iaitu ilmu mesti dicari bukan mencari seseorang. That's all for now. n_n


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Future Transports???

Hey guys. It's been awhile aye. How are you doing? Hope you're in good health. Well, let's get straight to the point. Yesterday, I watched Dean of Invention in the television(sorry...can't remember which channel). This week, that programme shows three cars with different and unique purposes.
Let us see the first one. The Aptera 2E.
Ready For Take Off...XD
Interior of Aptera 2E
How is it? Nice shape right? I can't help but think of a plane when I see it. Hehe. It's a three-wheeled automobile produced by Aptera Motors and because of that, it's considered to be a motorcycle instead of a car. Kind of weird right. A motorcyle with a steering wheel, radio, aircond and all that. Haha. This is actually a battery electric vehicle. Aptera claimed that this car is capable of reaching a top speed of over 137km/h. Wow. That is fast. The price is from mid US$20,000s to US$40,000s which is around RM125,00. Quite affordable(untuk orang kaya cam korang la kan..XD). In that TV programme, the host was actually brought for a drive in the car. Well, I would say it can move real fast(kalau diorang tak edit la...which I'm sure they didn't). This car is produced in order to reduce the pollution and considered as low-energy vehicle. Cool. Rightio.
The next car is Citycar.

So, what is special with this car? As you can see, all the cars shown in the above picture are the same. However the difference is, one car is quite long(car at the left) and another one is small,short buggy-like shaped(car at the right). Maybe you think that this car is two different versions of the car but actually, it is the same. The car's ability is it can fold itself making it smaller. Here is a video showing the car concept.
See how it moves? Cool aye. But,you must be wondering about how to drive the car right? I was wondering that too as I couldn't see the steering wheel nor the dashboard or whatsoever. But, after I read about it in the Wikipedia, it is actually drive-by-wire driver interface which is by using joystick or optionally an electronic steering wheel and each wheel is independently and digitally controlled. Wicked! No wonder it can spin like that. Haha. This car is actually still under research and the prototypes is said to be ready for testing this year. In the TV programme, I only got to see the half-sized prototype of it. Hah. Can't wait for the full sized prototype. Must be really cool if I can get one of these... Hehe. This car was designed to solve the problem of traffic jams by car sharing located near public transport hubs(nak ganti bas gamaknya). All right.
The last car is an autonomous car or in other words...Driverless car. COOL!!!

These cars are capable of sensing its environment and navigating on its own. Wait. These cars? Yes. These cars because many companies such as Volkswagen,Audi,BMW, and even Google have begun testing this driverless car systems. Wow. Well, according to the TV programme, some of these cars are under tests in Europe and have been put in some streets. As you know, road in the citites of Europe are jammed with people and some of the road are very narrow which increase the possibilities for accidents. That is why this car being tested and the professor arrogantly said "This car will not make any mistakes." Wow. He sure is confident aye. The host is also brought for a ride in this car and during the ride, the professor explained a few things on how the car is designed and a few more things about it. The host said this herself, "In the first few minutes, I was actually more focused on the moving-by-itself steering wheel instead of what the professor explained." Haha. Must be scary. They even got to shoot a scene where the car suddenly braked on its own when a guy is passing in front of it. Cool yaww. The car really braked! Haha. Even the host made a face. She was shocked I guess. Haha.
Well, I salute all of you who designed these cars. You are all true geniuses. Let us hope that one day, these cars can actually be driven in the streets. That's all for my post tonight. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Chow. n_n


Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Cried?!?!

Hey guys. It's been a while. Well, I'm quite busy right now since the final exam is just a stone throw away. Wish me luck all right. Thanks in advance.
Well, do you believe if I say I cried? Maybe some do, maybe some don't but the truth is.... Yeah. I cried just now. Why? Because of a GIRL!!! No-lah. Haha. Just kidding. I'm not a cheesy-guy. Maybe....Because of a GUY!!! What? Are you pulling my leg? TOTALLY a NO-NO. Actually, it's because of this book.

Well, as you can see from the title, you can say that this book covers mostly on the leaders of Islam's Movement from overseas and also Malaysia. Dari Mesir, ke Palestin, pergi India, singgah Indonesia, sampai Malaysia dan beberapa lagi negara lain, semua ada. This is the only book that makes me cry without failure. Segala yang ditulis dalam setiap helaian berjaya membuatkan aku rasa sebak dan kadang-kadang buat aku menangis. How can I not when the writer have written the history so nicely. One of the things that I read this evening was about Hasan Al-Hudhaibi's struggle, his family and his brothers(rakan seperjuangan). Who is he actually? Maybe you've never heard of him so let me ask you one question. Ever heard of As-Syahid Hassan Al-Banna? No? Ingat betul-betul. Still can't remember? Hint number one, he's the first leader of Ikhwan Muslimin. Tak ingat lagi? It's okay. This hint will make you remember. Try looking for your al-Mathurat and see who is the compiler? Haa. Now you should remember. Well, so Hasan al-Hudhaibi is the successor of Hasan al-Banna who is leading Ikhwan Muslimin efficiently in the times of chaos. One of his stories that made me cry is during his imprisonment
He asked his friend(Syeikh Abdul Badi' Saqr) when they met, "How many days do you take to finish reading the al-Quran?" Syeikh answered, "Every fifteen days!" Hasan al-Hudhaibi said, "What keeps you from finishing it in three days? Read two constituent(juzuk) of al-Quran after every prayer while you're still in ablution. Remember, this chance will never come again." Touching is it not? Well, another story that made me cry is about his wife Ummu Usamah and his children.
When Hasan al-Hudhaibi was in the jail, a minister of Egypt sent his wife to meet Ummu Usamah to appease her and her children. Ummu Usamah then said "Who told your husband that we are anxious and sad until it troubles you to advice us, calm us and give us glad tidings that Ustaz is safe? Are you trying to tell me and my kids that the punishment has been decided before running the trials? Are you trying to say that his punishment is death? O Saadiyah Hanim, the wife of the noble Egypt's Officials, I implore you nicely to tell this to Minister! Tell him that Hasan al-Hudhaibi leads the Ikhwan Muslimin only after seeing the first leader Asy-Syahid Hasan Al-Banna being kidnapped and killed nefariously and openly in the street. Hudhaibi didn't accept to be his successor except that he waits for the end of his life to be the same as al-Banna. Really, he sold his life to Allah and we sold ours with him for Allah. When it all happens because of Allah's fate, no one can see us except in serenity,peace and happiness. The reason why we leave it all to Allah is because we hope for His reward and we are very happy that we can follow him up as syuhada," Then she turns her head to her children and said, "This is Umi's stance, what about all of you?" All of them answered, "There is not a slight difference between our stance and yours, O Umi." This one is really touchy.  : ,(
So, when I read this, I was thinking.... Why am I so bad? I can't even finish reading the al-Quran in a year and there Syeikh Abdul Badi' Saqr was asked why can't he finish it in there days. Sangat jauh perbezaan antara 3 hari dan setahun. Humm. Why can't I think like his wife? I want to be a syuhada too yet what have I done till this day? Nothing....Nothing.....And nothing....So, I hope all of Muslims and myself will take this as a reminder. It is very hard to be like them since we are not borned in their situation, but at least, let us try to be better. I guess that's all for now. Till next time. Sayonara.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shopping and Enjoying on Saturday

Lebih kurang macam ni lah nasi ambeng yang kami makan

Hey guys. I'm back and because I'll be having my holiday for a week, I guess I'll make a few updates later starting with this post. Hehe. Well, last week, on 21 August 2011, I went to Berjaya Times Square with two friends of mine. We took a bus to go to KL Sentral around 9.00 am and on our way, we were stucked in a traffic jam. Hamba rasa pelik, Sejak bila pulak jalan kat sini belajar nak jam-jam ni. Hadoi. Shortly after that, I know the reason. There were two accidents happening on the same day about the same time. One seems like a lorry was stucked in a drain besides the road (I wonder how it gets there?) and another one is an accident.... Lori langgar motor? Ke motor langgar lori? Err... I don't really know, but all I know that the motorcyle rider was dead(psst..I heard the rider is a girl) and the motorcyle was cut into half(how the heck does that happen?) . Pity her. I can see her body covered with a black cloth and her blood painted the road dark red. May God bless her soul.....
After about an hour standing(lenguh,plus sakit belakang...yang best-nya, kena himpit ngan perempuan....haha), I took the second bus at Seksyen 2, and again.... Berdiri lagi!!! No matter because after a while, my friend got his seat and asked me to sit besides him. Kira dok himpit-himpit tiga orang la. Agak payah. Haha. Luckily they are thin... Bolehlah aku yang agak berisi ni duduk. After a while, we arrived at KL Sentral. Monorail is the next transport. The place was packed with people, luckily we have our Kad Rabbit (BIT!Sekali masuk!>BIT!Sekali keluar!>BIT!BIT Kad Rabbit!), touch and then go. Wait punya wait, the monorail arrived. Dang. Still got to stand. Huh. Kemudian kami turun di Imbi. Boleh pulak pening nak keluar ikut kiri ke kanan. Lastly, we decided to go left. Dang! Silap la pulak. Turun bawah, nak lintas jalan tak boleh. Pusing punya pusing, we tried going back up. Then only we found the underway to Times Square(dush!rasa cam bodoh pulak...LOL). At the gate, my friends raced to be the first one entering Times Square. Haha. What to do. Semua tak pernah sampai sana. Jadi jakun la kejap. Hehe. First thing we did when we arrived, we tried looking for ATM. Then, we found the floor information board. Ambik semua nombor-nombor dan tingkat kedai-kedai yang nak pergi. When we're done, we started with VOIR. Found a few shirts and and jeans that I liked but still too early to buy anything. We went to Giordano. First impression: Mak aih.... Keciknya....Tension rising. Tak jumpa apa-apa yang berkenan. Long story short, all the shops that we went didn't satisfies us. Rasa cam down gila. Then, I felt like, its better if we buy something than nothing. Letih-letih jalan, tapi tak beli, nanti sure rasa menyesal. We went to almost all the shop again and at last, I bought a khakis,a shirt and a pair of shoes. My wallet died on that day. Waa.... Money flows like a river. Then, we went back to the Monorail. This time, its more packed than earlier. Sampaikan hamba ditinggalkan oleh kawan-kawan hamba. Haiya. Ramai sangat orang oh. Never mind-lah. Then, I took the second trip and when I arrived, found my friends and now.... Tunggu bas. Hadoi. Meletihkan. Sampai PKNS around 6.15 pm, then solat. When we're done, its almost 6.45 pm, bergaduh pulak sahabat-sahabat hamba. Sorang nak balik dulu, sorang kata cari makanan dulu. At last, we went to the bazar near PKNS and I remembered Nisa(my lovely junior..  X D) telling me about Nasi Ambeng. At that time, I told my friends, "Jom cari nasi ambeng(bunyi 'beng' macam dalam kam'bing')". Kawan hamba cakap, "Ambeng la."('beng' macam dalam 'beng'ang) Malu kejap. Kakak kat sebelah yang dengar tu gelak kat aku free je. Haha. Walked for a few minutes and at last. Found it! Harga RM 6. Satu bungkus bapak besar. LOL. Memang tak tahu la sape yang boleh habiskan banyak macam tu. Gelak je aku nampak nasi banyak tu. Campur ngan mee goreng, sayur,ikan,ayam dan macam-macam lagi membuatkan aku tak sabar-sabar nak makan. When we're done, lekas-lekas kitorang pergi tunggu bas. And takyah tanya, memang pun kitorang bukak puasa dalam bas. Haha. Kitorang kat belakang, nampak orang kat Seksyen 2 dah berbuka. Then, an Engine guy read the prayers(sehabis kuat dia) and he shouted, "Make weyh make weyh. Bukok doh ni" LOL. But, all the girls and guys at the front of the bus just ignored him and they waited until 7.30 pm(masa tu 7.25 kot) because they couldn't see the people at the restaurant. Haha. Biaq pi la kat depa. Aku nampak orang dah bukak aku tibai ja kuih yang aku beli. Haha. When we arrived at Puncak Alam(around 8.30 kot), we prayed and me and my housemate waited  for his friend yang ikut kitorang until 9.30 pm. Baru makan nasi ambeng sama-sama. Pergh, memang satu pengalaman yang takkan aku lupakan. BTW. NASI AMBENG MEMANG SEDAP.NAK LAGI! Hehe. That's all for now. See ya.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Penjual Pisang Di Kaki Lima

Usman Awang
Lalu gadis Tionghoa cheongsam biru 
pemuda di belakang bergegas melesetkan ujung sepatu 
penjual pisang di kaki lima 
dua bakul pisang terletak di antaranya
 (melihat sepatu dan betis yang lalu dengan jemu bas kutunggu.) 
Datang sebuah bas penuh isi 
(aku tak boleh naik lagi) 
sebuah kereta menjalar tuan tersandar  
penjual pisang di kaki lima
baru laku sepuluh sen cuma 
(penarik beca kulihat membelinya.) 
Matahari tersangkut di bumbung bangunan 
di seberang ada restoran sedang ternganga. 
Berat-berat langkah pengawal jalan bertapak
 hati penjual pisang sesak berkocak  
‘He, mana lesen? 
tutup kaki lima, ha?’ 
Manakah sama yang dapat merasa
 manusia hidup sesamanya, memburu apa? 
Ah, bakul pisang sudah diregang 
nyonya tua berbaju ungu menyerah salah 
(pasti anak-anak menanti di rumah) 
dalam lori terkepung pengawal, matanya berlinang! 
Bas pun lalu dan kami pun memburu

Hey guys. Hari ini saya akan berkongsi satu sajak dengan anda semua yang selalu diceritakan oleh ayah kepada saya. Oleh itu, saya rasa lebih baik saya menulis post kali ini dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana saya rasa hal ini akan memudahkan anda untuk memahami apa yang ingin saya sampaikan. Karya Usman Awang ini telah dihasilkan pada tahun 1958. Disebabkan itu anda dapat melihat keadaan hidup masyarakat pada zaman itu. Saya tidak mahu menghuraikan mengenai sajak tersebut secara detil (detail/terperinci) tapi saya akan fokus kepada beberapa bahagian dalam sajak tersebut. Pada rangkap di bawah,
penjual pisang di kaki lima
baru laku sepuluh sen cuma
dapat kita faham bahawa masyarakat pada masa itu hidup dalam kemiskinan dan serba kekurangan. Kemiskinan yang dipaparkan dalam rangkap di atas jelas memaparkan kemiskinan yang ketara kerana penjualan mereka tidak laku di kalangan rakyat biasa kerana rakyat sendiri tidak berkemampuan manakala golongan yang berkemampuan pula tidak menyokong jualan mereka. Dalam rangkap di bawah,

Berat-berat langkah pengawal jalan bertapak
 hati penjual pisang sesak berkocak  
‘He, mana lesen? 
tutup kaki lima, ha?’ 
 jelas menunjukkan berlakunya penindasan oleh pihak berkuasa. Hal ini berlaku kerana pihak berkuasa dan mereka yang bekerja dengan kerajaan pada masa tersebut tidak memahami keadaan hidup masyarakat. Sudahlah mereka itu miskin, ditindas pula, menampakkan kekejaman pihak berkuasa.
Pengajaran yang sentiasa diingatkan oleh ayah kepada saya, jika kita menjadi pembuat polisi ataupun pelaksana sesuatu polisi, kita perlu memikirkan kesusahan seseorang. Pihak berkuasa tadi telah bertindak kejam dengan menutup kedai nyonya tua tersebut. Tidakkah mereka melihat kesusahan hidup yang dialami penjual pisang tersebut? Tidakkah mereka memikirkan mengenai anak-anak penjual pisang tersebut? Tidakkah mereka memahami bahawa penjual pisang tersebut hanya ingin mendapatkan rezeki untuk sesuap nasi? Tidakkah mereka fikirkan mengenai anak-anak penjual pisang tersebut? Jadi, apa yang ingin saya sampaikan di sini ialah jika kita merupakan pihak berkuasa yang melaksanakan tugas-tugas seperti dia atas, tolonglah, fikirkan juga mengenai kesusahan orang lain.Mungkin, mungkinlah dengan melakukan perkara-perkara tersebut akan memudahkan kita, tapi orang selalu cakap, "Bantu orang dalam kesusahan walaupun kita dalam kesusahan buatkan kita rasa senang." Ok. Mungkin tak pernah dengar, tapi mesti anda juga berfikiran sebegitu bukan? Kesimpulannya, jadilah orang yang memikirkan kesusahan orang lain dan jauhilah sikap mementingkan diri sendiri. Saya akhiri post kali ini dengan nasihat yang sering dikatakan oleh Usman Awang.
“Mesti tulis, mesti tulis perkara yang benar.Jangan diam, biar pun diketepikan orang sekarang tetapi saudara akan mendapat perhatian kemudian.Jangan diam. Susah untuk menjadi penulis dan lebih susah untuk menjadi penulis yang berani. Bagisaya seseorang hanya layak digelar penulis bila sudah berani menyatakan sikap. Kalau tak berani tak payah jadi penulis, beritahu rakan-rakan muda yang lain. Ini nasihat saya.”


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Islam Itu Indah

Hey guys. Yesterday, my mom told me that a friend of my sister loves reading my blog. So, my mom asked my what do I write in my blog. "Abang tulis pasal Islam ke?" I said not fully but some are. My father who heard our conversation said, "Tak boleh buat macam tu. Jangan tulis benda-benda yang boleh buat orang bukan Islam bergaduh dengan kita." He then explained to me why. But I assured him that I'm not writing about something which might make the non-muslims become angry with me so he doesn't have anything to worry with. But anyway, I really hope for you readers to tell me if I have written a post like that. I am a muslim and I am proud with my religion, my believes and my everything, but at the same time, I never thought of something bad about other religions. That is what I am taught to do. What we muslims are taught to do. I am dedicating this post to all my brothers and sisters. Please, never ever think bad about the non-muslims and other religions and please please please, never insult other's believes.
Firman Allah dalam surah Al-An'am ayat 108:

وَلاَ تَسُبُّوْا الَّذِيْنَ يَدْعُوْنَ مِنْ دُوْنِ اللهِ فَيَسُبُّوْا اللهَ عَدْوًا بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ
Dan janganlah kamu cerca benda-benda yang mereka sembah yang lain dari Allah, kerana mereka kelak,akan mencerca Allah secara melampaui batas dengan ketiadaan pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami memperelokkan pada pandangan tiap-tiap umat akan amal perbuatan mereka, kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah tempat kembali mereka, lalu ia menerangkan kepada mereka apa yang mereka telah lakukan.

The reason why I'm writing about this is because nowadays, I can't help but noticing about certain muslims who like to insult other people's believes. They said, "Ajaran sesat. Sembah batu macam orang bodoh. Bengong tak bengong sembah benda yang buat sendiri." and etc. So, I just want the muslim readers to take note and stop doing it if you are doing it, and don't do it if you never did it. As for the non-muslim readers, I need you to know that, muslims are not allowed to insult your religion, believes and anything related to it. So, if you see some muslims doing that, please don't think that Islam taught us to do that because Islam didn't. I guess that's all for tonight. Thanks for reading and good night. n_n


Monday, July 18, 2011

Words Can Change Water? Songs Is Illegal In Islam?

Hey guys. Wondering about the title? Well, for Muslims, I guess you should. Anyway, I'll tell you a story which happened to me a few days ago. A friend of mine opened my blog and said, "Waa. Atas dah bagus. Ada hadith of the day, tapi bawah, lagu metallica." So, I asked him why is he saying that? Is he trying to say that hearing Metallica is bad? Then he gave me a parable. He asked me what is the function of people reading Yaseen in front of bottles of water? I said, to make it barakah, something like that. Then he asked me again whether I know or not about water molecules can change shape. I said, "Ya. Dia jadi cantik kalau dengar perkataan yang baik." He nodded and said, "Berapa percentage air dalam badan kau? Lebih kurang 70% kan? Jadi kalau ko dengar lagu-lagu macam ni, ko rasa apa yang jadi dalam badan kau?" I clam up. I can't argue with the logic. Besides, that logic is supported by scientific research. How can I argue with that, so I stopped talking. That night, I opened the internet and tried to find the informations on Dr Masaru Emoto and his research. I found out that the there are many criticisms and problems on his research. Emoto's procedure in his research have numerous number of possible sources of error.
Diagram Of Ice Crystal Formations
According to the the diagram above (by Libbrecht), the formation of crystals depends on the temperature.
"For example, the Petri dishes were not sealed to prevent contamination or disturbance by the operator or environment; A simple thing such as the photographer's breath while using the microscope could affect the warming rate of the frozen sample and temperatur of crystak formation, thus affecting the structure of the resultant crystal."
 So, this is one of the examples of error which might have occured during the experiment. Anyway, I am not saying that Emoto's research is a complete nonsense either. He might be true as some other people claimed to do the same as what Emoto has done and they got positive results. But, as usual, in a world full of lies, you can't just believe what people told you.It's just that, I only want you readers to know that his research is not done following the scientific rules completely, so you cannot say that the research done by him is completely scientific and has been proven. As a matter of fact, his claims are widely unaccepted by scientists due to the crucial lack of scientific foundation. But, a part of me believe that his research is true. I think that's enough with Emoto's work. I am not the appropriate person to write about scientific approach on something, so I won't talk, tell or write more than what I am supposed to. Here's a link for you. Open it if you feel like it.
Is Masaru Emoto For Real?

Now, I want to add up some of my other findings on this matter. I tried to find the  fatwa by fuqaha and I found out that there are many opinions on musics. Some fuqaha say, its 'haram' and some say 'harus', but, I hold onto the fatwa by Dr. Syeikh Yusuf Al-Qardhawi who says musics or songs are not totally 'haram' and not totally 'harus' in Islam.
"Dari berbagai pendapat tersebut, saya(Yusuf Qardhawi) cenderung untuk berpendapat bahwa nyanyian adalah halal, karena asal segala sesuatu adalah halal selama tidak ada nash sahih yang mengharamkannya. Kalaupun ada dalil-dalil yang mengharamkan nyanyian, adakalanya dalil itu sharih (jelas) tetapi tidak sahih, atau sahih tetapi tidak sharih."
"Oleh karenanya barangsiapa mendengarkan nyanyian dengan niat mendorongnya untuk berbuat maksiat kepada Allah Ta’ala berarti ia fasik, demikian pula terhadap selain nyanyian. Dan barangsiapa mendengarkannya dengan niat untuk menghibur hatinya agar bergairah dalam menaati Allah Azza wa Jalla dan menjadikan dirinya rajin melakukan kebaikan, maka dia adalah orang yang taat dan baik, dan perbuatannya itu termasuk dalam kategori kebenaran. Dan barangsiapa yang tidak berniat untuk taat juga tidak untuk maksiat, maka mendengarkan nyanyian itu termasuk laghwu (perbuatan yang tidak berfaedah) yang dimaafkan. Misalnya, orang yang pergi ke taman sekadar rekreasi, atau duduk di pintu rumahnya dengan membuka kancing baju, mencelupkan pakaian untuk mengubah warna, meluruskan kakinya atau melipatnya, dan perbuatan-perbuatan sejenis lainnya.” (Ibu Hazm, al-Muhalla)
Adapun hadits-hadits yang dijadikan landasan oleh pihak yang mengharamkan nyanyian semuanya memiliki cacat, tidak ada satu pun yang terlepas dari celaan, baik mengenai tsubut (periwayatannya) maupun petunjuknya, atau kedua-duanya. Al Qadhi Abu Bakar Ibnu Arabi mengatakan di dalam kitabnya Al Hakam: “Tidak satu pun hadits sahih yang mengharamkannya.” Demikian juga yang dikatakan Imam Al Ghazali dan Ibnu Nahwi dalam Al Umdah. Bahkan Ibnu Hazm berkata: “Semua riwayat mengenai masalah (pengharaman nyanyian) itu batil dan palsu.”
Apabila dalil-dalil yang mengharamkannya telah gugur, maka tetaplah nyanyian itu atas kebolehannya sebagai hukum asal. Bagaimana tidak, sedangkan kita banyak mendapati nash sahih yang menghalalkannya? Dalam hal ini cukuplah saya kemukakan riwayat dalam shahih Bukhari dan Muslim bahwa Abu Bakar pernah masuk ke rumah Aisyah untuk menemui Nabi saw., ketika itu ada dua gadis di sisi Aisyah yang sedang menyanyi, lalu Abu Bakar menghardiknya seraya berkata: “Apakah pantas ada seruling setan di rumah Rasulullah?” Kemudian Rasulullah saw. menimpali:
“Biarkanlah mereka, wahai Abu Bakar, sesungguhnya hari ini adalah hari raya.”
Disamping itu, juga tidak ada larangan menyanyi pada hari selain hari raya. Makna hadits itu ialah bahwa hari raya termasuk saat-saat yang disukai untuk melahirkan kegembiraan dengan nyanyian, permainan, dan sebagainya yang tidak terlarang."
So, this fatwa here shows the reasons why he says musics are not totally 'haram' or totally 'harus' in Islam. Anyway, there are a few conditions to be considered:
1. Tema atau isi nyanyian harus sesuai dengan ajaran dan adab Islam.
2. Penampilan penyanyi juga harus dipertimbangkan.
3. Tidak berlebih-lebihan

In, it says:
"Harusnya musik itu adalah harus bersyarat, kalau ada unsur berlebihan dan mudharat, maka ia tertegah.

Perincian seni nasyid, POP, Metal, pop-rock, rock, etnik, itu diserahkan pada uruf (citra budaya) dan pandangan hati yg beriman menentukan. WA"
"Dalilnya: "Allah telah menjadikan segala apa yg ada di dalam bumi ini utk kamu" alBaqarah: 29
"HR Ibn Majah," La Dharar walaa Dhirar" (Tidak boleh membuat mudharat dan tidak boleh memudharatkan orang lain)"
As for me, I hold onto the opinion that hearing songs, either metal or not is not wrong as long as it fulfils the conditions above. But, please open the first link if you want the description on the conditions. I only wrote the conditions, not the explanations, so you might misunderstood the conditions. Therefore, it is good if you click these links.

 Fatwa Yusuf Qardhawi
Konsultasi Islam

I guess that's all for tonight. Whatever you think of this post, whether you agree or disagree, feel free to think and believe in whatever you like. I give you the point, you look for the details. That's all.
Book By Masaru Emoto


Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Favourite Songs

Haha...Love those head-banging songs? Wanna hear more? Haha. Never mind-lah. Kesian the haters of metal songs. Lagu slow sikit. Haha. Next please. n_n
What? Not slow? Weird. Ok2. Next song please. n_n  Yang ni memang slow ok...n_n
 Haha. Sorry. Silap track. YANG NI SERIUS SLOW ROCK...hehe

One last song for you... n_n

Kesian punya pasal. Bagi la jugak satu lagu slow....Hehehe
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Hehe. Nak story sikit eh. Well, a few days ago, I told my friends that I love head-banging songs including Metallica. Some of them was like, "Ko dengar Metallica????" Haha. Kinda funny seeing their faces that surprised. Well, I admit it, yeah. I love those songs. n_n
Haha. That's all for now. Sudi-sudikan lah diri mendengar semua lagu ya. Hehe. Chow.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Muka macam ni kan pelik lagi menakutkan...

Hey guys. Familliar with the proverb at the title? I think so. Agak pelik dan menghairankan kalau ada yang tak pernah dengar dan tak tahu maksudnya. Just to share, that proverb means do not judge/criticise/think about something/someone either bad or good just by the first glance. Hmm. Its actually quite abstract and for me... FOR ME... I think its half right and half wrong. What about you? Do you agree with the proverb fully? Whatever your answer is, my answer is still the same which is, 50:50. Why? The reason is, everytime I buy a book, of course the cover is the first thing I judge. Cover ok tak, ringkasan citer dia kat belakang cover tu best tak dan lain-lain. That is because, the outside of someone or something shows the inside of them too. Maybe not fully, but... Bolehlah. Kan? Let me give you an example, you are walking with a friend towards a store. On the way, you see a man with black shirt, punk hairstyles, wearing spikey bangles on both of his hands, skull head is protruding from his belt...etc... What will you think of the man and will you consider about finding another route to walk, or maybe you'll wait for the crowd behind you to walk past you and you pretend to join the group or whatsoever. Will you? I'm pretty sure that's what you'll do. Haha. Even I will consider that. Ya la. Pakai macam orang jahat, muka macam orang jahat dan lain-lain, takkan la kita nak kata dia baik kan? Jarang jugak dengar atau jumpa orang jahat, mencuri, merogol, merompak semua, tapi pakai baju ala-ala ustaz (sebenarnya ada ke?). So, if you agree with what I stated, please do not stop 'judging a book by its cover' but do not do that hundred percent either. Senang cakap, kalau buku, tengok cover, baca ringkasan dia kat belakang tu dan belek-belek sikit buku tu tengok overall cite dia tu ok ke tak(bukan ambik bau ya...n_n). Kalau orang pulak, tengok perangai dia macam mana, tengok kawan dia macam mana, lepas tu cuba kawan ngan dia macam mana. Baru la betul caranya. Ni tidak, baru kenal kejap, mula la kata dia tu gedik la, pakai baju macam nak pergi kenduri la, perangai baik la, perangai hodoh la, rajin la, malas la, yada yada yada. Pastu, bila dah kenal lama sikit, baru la nampak rupa sebenar orang tu. Lepas tu pergi cerita balik kat orang tu "dulu aku ingat kau camtu camni rupanya cengini cenggini". n_n   Isn't that kinda rude? That's all for tonight. Bukan apa tulis post ni. Cuma bila dah ada kat tempat baru ni kan, memang inilah dia perkara yang sentiasa berlaku. Jadi, bila dah selalu berlaku, itulah yang jadi idea penulisanku. Hee. Adios.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tidur Yang Bising

An image of anti-snoring oral devices. Around $133(+-RM406.71)
Hey guys. You must be wondering about the title right? It's not a very serious problem for us now but, just for the sake of getting knowledge.Saya cerita jugak la. My post is actually about snoring. There are different reasons for snoring. Orang yang berdengkur ni selalunya ada lebihan tisu tekak dan tisu  hidung (nasal tissue). Kedudukan lidah pun boleh menggangu aliran pernafasan yang membawa kepada masalah berdengkur. This is because, 'snoring is caused by narrowing of your airway, either from poor sleep posture or abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat.'(a definition from STAR Newspaper,Sunday, 26 June 2011,article by Kingston Rajiah). A few factors which cause snoring:
  • Age-your throat becomes narrower as you reach middle age
  • Sex- Men have narrower air passages than women and are more likely to snore
  • Nasal and sinus problems-blocked airways cause difficulties in breathing, leading to snore
  • Being overweight
  • Alcohol,smoking and medications-they increase muscle relaxation causing you to snore
  • Sleeping posture-sleeping on your back cause the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway(hadis Nabi pun ada yang menyuruh kita tidur mengiring ke sebelah kanan...kenapa kanan...lain kali saya ceritakan)
Beberapa tips untuk kurangkan masalah ini:

  • Ulang vokal (a.e.i.o.u) dengan suara yang agak kuat untuk 3 minit sepanjang hari (bila korang free la.jangan dalam kelas nak buat, kat kafe nak buat, semua tempat nak buat. melainkan anda teringin dibawa ke Tanjung Rambutan; dekat je ngan Puncak Alam derr...n_n)
  • Letakkan hujung lidah di belakang gigi depan sebelah atas. 'Slide-kan'(gelongsorkan/slaid) lidah anda ke belakang selama 3 minit.
  • Tutup mulut, dan kerutkan bibir anda. Tahan selama 30 saat.
There are still some ways of solving this problem but this are the most practical for all of us I think. (saya student lagi...nak buat cara lain makan la)
I guess that's all for tonight. Sorry kalau post malam ni agak boring sikit... Tapi penting gak benda ni... Especially sape yang gatal /gedik/gelenya/tergaru-garu/etc nak kawin awal. Mana la tau, tiba-tiba korang punya bedmate ada masalah berdengkur ni kan... At least dah ada beberapa cara yang korang tau untuk setelkan masalah tu kan... Haha. Sape yang terasa... Maafkan bukan saya. Saya tak buat apa... Anda yang nak terasa. Salah sendiri. n_n
That's all I guess. Thanks for reading guys.


This article is originally written by Kingston Rajiah from Star Newspaper and is published on 26 June 2011. The post on top is my edited version and have been paraphrased. However, all credits are for the original writer.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Berjimat-cermat / Being Frugal

Hey guys. How are you? Good as usual I hope. Well, because today I did some window shopping and...hee...I kinda waste a lot of money, so I feel like writing about frugal.  Bukan apa, bila dah jadi pelajar universiti ni, mesti banyak duit yang habis dengan benda-benda merapu. Ya la kan. Takde sape nak kacau camne cara kita nak gunakan duit yang diberi. So, this post is a reminder to ME and at the same time, a reminder for you readers too. Nowadays, the standard of living particularly in the city is very high. Jangan haraplah nak jumpa nasi lemak lima posen dan yang sewaktu dengannya di bandar. This shows that, we need to find some ways in order to spend our money wisely. Jadi, lepas balik dari beli tapi tak belah tadi, saya telah mencari beberapa cara yang sesuai untuk kita gunakan dalam usaha untuk berjimat. The first one is, stop using your money for entertainment thingies. For example, movies, karaoke, computer games, arcade, etc. We need to realise that all of our money spent for entertainment is of no avail. Although, I didn't say that we couldn't spend our money for entertainment AT ALL. Just that, try to use less money for those kind of things all right.
Selain daripada itu, mungkin korang jugak selalu menghabiskan duit korang dengan makan di kedai-kedai seperti KFC, Pizza Hut ataupun yang seumpamanya. So, I suggest that we need to stop eating at those restaurants and find a more affordable and more economical restaurant ( padahal baru tadi je habiskan duit makan dekat Noodle Station. LOL). Anyhow, do you get my sense? Hope you do.
Lastly, buy something which is high quality and long lasting. Please be noted that when I say 'high quality', it doesn't mean that it should be branded. Not all branded things are high quality and not all non-branded things are low quality. And if possible, try to buy it during promotion. Macam hari tu la, saya telah membeli baju Body Glove yang sama dengan kawan saya tetapi dengan harga yang berbeza. He bought it for RM50++ and I bought it only for RM25. Still quite expensive, but at least, not too expensive like when my friend bought it. Well, I'm sure you understand what am I trying to say ( I hope). Lagipun, kitakan tidak diajar membazir, Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah bersabda "Orang yang membazir ialah saudara syaitan." So, think about it. I guess that's all for now. Just one last quote for you and me.
"Berjimat-cermat, terasa rahmat."
Assalamualaikum w.b.t and  good evening. Chow.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please... Be A Considerate Friend

Hey guys. How are you? Hope you're in a good health as well with your family and friends. n_n   n_n   n_n   n_n   n_n   n_n   n_n   n_n   n_n  .... I can't stop smiling tonight because this morning, someone said to me "Blog ko interesting la Raja."  LOL. Tersenyum, tersengih seorang diri tanpa henti dari pagi.... sampailah satu insiden terjadi. Huh. Such a BIG mood spoiler that kinda ruined my day. So, because of that incident, tonight I'll be writing about becoming a considerate friend.
Who is a considerate friend? A considerate friend is a friend who always think of our feelings, help us solve our problems and understand our situations (just a definition of my own). So, are you a considerate friend? Are we? And even AM I? Hmm. Such a question can only be asnwered by people around us and not us ourselves because sometimes, we might think that we did something good and everybody loved / liked what we did but actually we're wrong. Everything we did, there would be a group which disagrees and a group which agrees with our doings. There is a famous quote by.... I can't remember who (sorry) which sounds more or less like this,
"If you find something that everyone agrees on, then it's wrong."
Jadi, kita tak boleh kata kita sempurna, semua orang suka kita sebab kita tak pernah sakitkan hati sesiapa dan yada yada yada sebab "No one is perfect." So, at least. AT LEAST. Try to be a considerate person. Coz, macam tadi, kesian dengan seorang kawan aku ( si A), disalahkan oleh seorang lagi kawan aku ( si B) yang mengatakan si A -lah punca eksperimen kimia kami gagal. Come on -lah. Thats not cool man / woman/ dude/ brotha/ sista. Haish. When we work as a team, no matter if our team fails or whatsoever, we couldn't blame any of our team members for the failure but ourselves. Maybe we knew something was wrong with our preparation but we just keep quiet, or maybe we knew that one of our team members have problems and we didn't even try to help him / her and many more 'maybe' reasons. So, who else do we got to blame? NO ONE except US! US! AND US! You can consider yourself as a considerate friend if you:
-care about your friends
-feel uneasy when your friends are in trouble
-try to understand your friends problem and help your friends
-always try to please your friends with e.g. your advices, moral support etc.
-LOVE,LOVE AND LOVE YOUR FRIENDS (p/s: bukan bercinta noh...sayang wokey...jangan salah paham noh)
I guess that's all for tonight. Thanks for reading guys. n_n

p/s: aku rasa aku pun takde semua ciri-ciri "considerate friends" tu. Hehe


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nafas Baru

Hey guys. How's my blog now? Nice? Hope you like it. Why did I change my template? Laa. Bukan apa. We need to change from time to time right? That's why I changed the template. Besides, I hope by changing this template, I'll be able to give new ideas, new things and new everything. Beri nafas  baru orang katakan. Hehe. Anyway, no matter how many times this blog will change, I will always be the one who's writing, jotting, sketching and whatever on it. Wait for the next update all right? See ya.


Iklan template tu, korang abaikan la ek. Memang terfikir nak delete tapi dah orang yang buat template ni mintak supaya tak dipadam, aku ikut je la. Kesian jugak dia dah penat-penat tulis template tiba-tiba buang nama dia. Just ignore it ya. n_n


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