Hadith of the Update

Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

Quote of the Update

Everyday is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on.

-Carrie Underwood

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is the pamphlet

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!*shouting*  Kot-kot lah tak dengar. Hehe. What? Ha ah kan. How foolish of me. It's just boring writing. Surely you can't hear it. Hehe. Anyway, see the title up there?
Well, the story begins when I was cleaning my table...*cleancleanclean* and then I found a pamphlet about Audiology by USM...Apa tu Audiology kita cite lain kali eh. Continue... *cucicucicuci* Well, then I picked and read the content. Everything inside it so...normal info lo..You can get it anywhere....General knowledge...Surely you know. But then...There's this one thing that caught my attention...At the part 'How to protect our EARS?'

...Satu cara yang ditulis di situ adalah...'Never put anything inside you ear canal,including cotton buds!*translation please*Jangan masukkan apa-apa ke dalam telinga termasuklah kapas telinga'. Err...there's a chinese translation but I don't know how to read/write/speak chinese... Hehe. Sorry.
See the third point

Back to the story, that sentence reminded me of what I used to read in the paper a few years ago. A doctor wrote the same thing. But at that time, I was kinda..Teenagers...Mana dengar cakap... Lagi dibuat ada la.. And I thought, "Then how the heck can I clean my ear?" Hehe. Seriously. You must have heard this a lot. Let's say when your friend says something to you and you can't hear it.You asked him/her to repeat and surely he/she will say, "Tak korek telinga eh?" Ada tak ada tak? Ada kan.. n_n  But now, when I read.. I think. I read more articles. I asked more questions to my mom.. And then... Write here... *nak kata bukan budak-budak lagi dah* According to the pamphlet, it says 'Clean your ears with a washcloth-covered finger only*translating*Membersihkan telinga dengan jari yang ditutup dengan kain sahaja.' Ok. Maybe info tu tak cukup jadi jom kita tambah...n_n  It's better to avoid using wet cloth to clean your ears because wet and warm condition would breed bacteria....Surely you don't want that. And totally use a clean cloth only. Jangan ambik kain lap kaki kat tandas pulak. Nak mampus namanya. Haha. And according to an article in the internet, it says you can also put a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil, or glycerin in the ear. To soften the wax it says. But remember... Not everyday. Maybe one time a week... Anyway, one thing you might not know is... Our ears actually  have self cleaning mechanism. So a a a a a... No using cotton bud to clean your ears as it will push you earwax deeper and may cause blockage in your ear canal. Bukan ambe cakap...Dr Paulose cakap...  Then then. Sometimes insects find their way into your ear. Aaa. Otoke? What to do??? According to Dr Paulose... Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear, then let it do the bubbling thing*H2O2 causes that* and then drain it with a washcloth. See if the insect have come out. Reminder: You may have to repeat it a few times...What? Traditional ways? Ada. Ada. I've heard that... When ant enters your ear.. Panaskan kapur and then sapu kat telinga. The hot chalk will cause the ant to crawl out... They say la.. I don't know. Never tested it. Perhaps you can try and tell me the result. And another old fashioned way is... If the insect enter your left ear.. Then close your right ear.. Sambil tutup hidung, nafas guna mulut... Kemudian baring sambil tindih telinga yang masuk serangga tu. Sleep je la mudah. Then the insect will come out. This one is done by me. And it works. Funny though. When I asked my mom why should I close the ear.. She said, "Semut tu tak nampak cahaya belah sana. Jadi dia patah balik." Haha. Gelak je aku. Well... That sure is a long post. Thanks for reading folks. Adios.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be Positive

Hey guys. How are you? I hope you're doing well. Hmm. As I had received my final examination result a few days ago and my baby brother and sister received their's today, I feel like writing about it tonight. But I really hope you won't misunderstand my intention. I just feel like giving some advice to myself and you and totally 0% intention for boasting. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get 5As and 1B.  Too bad my brother's and sister's results are not that good and not very bad either. So I asked my sister, why can't she get at least no C in any subjects and didn't she feel stressed out. "Ok la tu. Dapat nombor 47 per 205 lagi dalam tingkatan" answered her. "Hah? nombor 47? Kalau camtu bagi dapat semua B pun dah boleh dapat nombor 1-2 kot." "Mana ada.Budak yang nombor 1 tu dapat 7A" "Haa.Dah dia pandai,kawan la ngan dia.Baru leh jadi pandai." And this answer really hurts me, "Tak nak adik. Dia tu pelik. Cakap sorang-sorang.Macam abang la." "Tu satu cara nak belajar. Ulang apa yang belajar tu kuat-kuat.Bukan pelik." "Tak nak la.Dia tu pelik.Lain dari orang lain.Semua tak suka ngan dia.Tak nak adik."

And bla bla bla our talk continues. So the point here are:
1: Why do people think someone who talks to themselves(memorizing process) are weird and tends to stay away from them?
2:Why do people hate/discriminate someone who loves studying?

All right. I cannot answer those questions for myself because I really really have never think that way to other people. No matter how smart they are, or how weird they seems when they're studying, they are normal for me. Ya la. Bukannya cakap sorang-sorang macam, "Woi.Hang nak p mana? ; Haha.Lawak la you ni ; Ko jangan main-main ngan aku.Karang aku sepak sekali menyesal sepanjang hari." If they're like that, possibly they are crazy. Tapi masalahnya diorang cuma cakap macam ni, "Ni kena kali ngan ni,eh,tapi yang ni untuk apa ; Force is a pull or push, then, gravity tu tak push dan tak pull, wth dia dikira sebagai force pulak ; esok exam bio,aku nak study chapter 8.Lusa fizik aku nak rilek je."
Do you consider people like that crazy? Onegai. Please please please stop. Don't. They are just studying in their own ways so let them be. And please don't discriminate them. Don't push them aside until they have not many friends. Sampaikan kebanyakan kawan diorang pun jenis camtu gak. Rugilah orang yang berbuat demikian. Believe me. Try making friends with them and you will see that they are also normal like you. Benefits for you...You made friends with brilliant students and God willing... You will be like them too. Nothing to worry about. Even if some of your friends might think you're weird after that but at least you changed for the better. I got a story to tell you. It's my own experience and insyaAllah, you can believe this because I am not making story. Last year, when I was form 5 and still in MRSM KuPa, there is a new form 4 student who didn't tuck in his shirt. So, I asked him to tuck it in yet he growls at me and that time...I really really hate him. And the another time, a friend of mine asked him to do the same and he did the same thing he did to me. Then, the prefect commitee brought him to see the discipline teacher and there he was scolded. After that case, I never saw him doing anything bad anymore(sebenarnya dia cuma tak tuck in baju dan tu je masalah dia) and a few months after that, I became friends with him. He apologized to me and he said he was doing that at that time because he thought I was a junior(ya la...badan kecik). After that, when he sees me and my friends, he greeted us nicely and before I know it, I already like him. Betul cakap seorang kawan ni, "Hang kena kawan dulu ngan dia raja...Baru hang tau. Dia tu ok la." That time, I thought he was joking but in the end... I fell for it. That boy really is a nice guy. So, the point here is, never think bad about people until you have make friends with them. That's all for tonight.



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