Hadith of the Update

Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

Quote of the Update

Everyday is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on.

-Carrie Underwood

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shopping and Enjoying on Saturday

Lebih kurang macam ni lah nasi ambeng yang kami makan

Hey guys. I'm back and because I'll be having my holiday for a week, I guess I'll make a few updates later starting with this post. Hehe. Well, last week, on 21 August 2011, I went to Berjaya Times Square with two friends of mine. We took a bus to go to KL Sentral around 9.00 am and on our way, we were stucked in a traffic jam. Hamba rasa pelik, Sejak bila pulak jalan kat sini belajar nak jam-jam ni. Hadoi. Shortly after that, I know the reason. There were two accidents happening on the same day about the same time. One seems like a lorry was stucked in a drain besides the road (I wonder how it gets there?) and another one is an accident.... Lori langgar motor? Ke motor langgar lori? Err... I don't really know, but all I know that the motorcyle rider was dead(psst..I heard the rider is a girl) and the motorcyle was cut into half(how the heck does that happen?) . Pity her. I can see her body covered with a black cloth and her blood painted the road dark red. May God bless her soul.....
After about an hour standing(lenguh,plus sakit belakang...yang best-nya, kena himpit ngan perempuan....haha), I took the second bus at Seksyen 2, and again.... Berdiri lagi!!! No matter because after a while, my friend got his seat and asked me to sit besides him. Kira dok himpit-himpit tiga orang la. Agak payah. Haha. Luckily they are thin... Bolehlah aku yang agak berisi ni duduk. After a while, we arrived at KL Sentral. Monorail is the next transport. The place was packed with people, luckily we have our Kad Rabbit (BIT!Sekali masuk!>BIT!Sekali keluar!>BIT!BIT Kad Rabbit!), touch and then go. Wait punya wait, the monorail arrived. Dang. Still got to stand. Huh. Kemudian kami turun di Imbi. Boleh pulak pening nak keluar ikut kiri ke kanan. Lastly, we decided to go left. Dang! Silap la pulak. Turun bawah, nak lintas jalan tak boleh. Pusing punya pusing, we tried going back up. Then only we found the underway to Times Square(dush!rasa cam bodoh pulak...LOL). At the gate, my friends raced to be the first one entering Times Square. Haha. What to do. Semua tak pernah sampai sana. Jadi jakun la kejap. Hehe. First thing we did when we arrived, we tried looking for ATM. Then, we found the floor information board. Ambik semua nombor-nombor dan tingkat kedai-kedai yang nak pergi. When we're done, we started with VOIR. Found a few shirts and and jeans that I liked but still too early to buy anything. We went to Giordano. First impression: Mak aih.... Keciknya....Tension rising. Tak jumpa apa-apa yang berkenan. Long story short, all the shops that we went didn't satisfies us. Rasa cam down gila. Then, I felt like, its better if we buy something than nothing. Letih-letih jalan, tapi tak beli, nanti sure rasa menyesal. We went to almost all the shop again and at last, I bought a khakis,a shirt and a pair of shoes. My wallet died on that day. Waa.... Money flows like a river. Then, we went back to the Monorail. This time, its more packed than earlier. Sampaikan hamba ditinggalkan oleh kawan-kawan hamba. Haiya. Ramai sangat orang oh. Never mind-lah. Then, I took the second trip and when I arrived, found my friends and now.... Tunggu bas. Hadoi. Meletihkan. Sampai PKNS around 6.15 pm, then solat. When we're done, its almost 6.45 pm, bergaduh pulak sahabat-sahabat hamba. Sorang nak balik dulu, sorang kata cari makanan dulu. At last, we went to the bazar near PKNS and I remembered Nisa(my lovely junior..  X D) telling me about Nasi Ambeng. At that time, I told my friends, "Jom cari nasi ambeng(bunyi 'beng' macam dalam kam'bing')". Kawan hamba cakap, "Ambeng la."('beng' macam dalam 'beng'ang) Malu kejap. Kakak kat sebelah yang dengar tu gelak kat aku free je. Haha. Walked for a few minutes and at last. Found it! Harga RM 6. Satu bungkus bapak besar. LOL. Memang tak tahu la sape yang boleh habiskan banyak macam tu. Gelak je aku nampak nasi banyak tu. Campur ngan mee goreng, sayur,ikan,ayam dan macam-macam lagi membuatkan aku tak sabar-sabar nak makan. When we're done, lekas-lekas kitorang pergi tunggu bas. And takyah tanya, memang pun kitorang bukak puasa dalam bas. Haha. Kitorang kat belakang, nampak orang kat Seksyen 2 dah berbuka. Then, an Engine guy read the prayers(sehabis kuat dia) and he shouted, "Make weyh make weyh. Bukok doh ni" LOL. But, all the girls and guys at the front of the bus just ignored him and they waited until 7.30 pm(masa tu 7.25 kot) because they couldn't see the people at the restaurant. Haha. Biaq pi la kat depa. Aku nampak orang dah bukak aku tibai ja kuih yang aku beli. Haha. When we arrived at Puncak Alam(around 8.30 kot), we prayed and me and my housemate waited  for his friend yang ikut kitorang until 9.30 pm. Baru makan nasi ambeng sama-sama. Pergh, memang satu pengalaman yang takkan aku lupakan. BTW. NASI AMBENG MEMANG SEDAP.NAK LAGI! Hehe. That's all for now. See ya.



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