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Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boku no Kazoku... B4

You are about to read a dangerously long post... Be warned...n_n

Domo... Hey guys... Sashiburi dana... Lama dah mencari idea untuk update blog ni. At last, I got a topic... As I've finished my asasi precisely 7 days ago.... I feel like writing about my kazoku(families) I made during my studies in Puncak Alam...
First, let me introduce my most lovely, lively, loud, precious and many more good attributes that even words can't describe them fully... My class...B4!!!!
Hora. We sure are one big family aye... And we got many beautiful sisters too... Haha. Don't be jealous. Let me give you the reasons why this family is the most awesome I ever had. First, our class leader Farhan, or Pa an is definitely the best class representative ever... Saiko! Just imagine, no matter what the lecturers ask him to do, he never complains... He always do it willingly.. Ikhlaslah dalam bahasa yang mudah. Tak cukup dengan tu, he also never complains about our class burdens him too much or anything like that though at first, I strongly suspect that's the case. Well, he forget a thing or two sometimes... Shikashi, I don't mind, and I believe others don't too... Human make mistakes all the times... Pa an. If you are reading this... Please take note, this comment here is from my heart. Zettai ni, definitely what I feel about you. I'm sure one day you'll be an awesome guy, insyaAllah.

Then, our assistant class representative. Ummu is her name. She is a very good girl even though she usually puts on a stern face. Haha. Ingat lagi masa first sem dulu, masa lab kimia. Her group-mate, the boys did something wrongly I believe and somehow, to them, Ummu seems stressed out. "Macam marah je" bak kata Zaimi... Haha. Punya la kelam kabut si Zaimi tanya ahli kumpulan kimia dia yang perempuan. "Ummu marah ke? Ummu marah ke?" He kept repeating that even until the next few days. Sampailah Ummu cakap, "Mana ada marah." Only after that, muka ibu mengandung Zaimi tu hilang. Haha. *Gomen. Sorry Ummu and Zaimi."
Ummu, I hope you'll get to be what you want someday. And try to smile more okay. Haha... Takut nanti
masa degree ada lagi kes macam kat atas tadi tu. Haha.

Next, Miss Fatihah. She is a girl who is quite famous even from the first class and more famous during BEL(English) class. "First of all..." is her catch phrase. Haha. Sebabnya, setiap kali lecturer BEL suruh buat speech kat depan, she will definitely say, "First of all..." Haha. Sampaikan jadi bahan dalam kelas. Haha. Minta maaf ya Teha. We meant it the good way... She is very fluent in english... A debator-lah katakan. Tak pernah lagi tengok dia kalah lawan cakap ngan orang dalam kelas. Kiamat dulu agaknya baru dapat tengok.. Haha. You're one impressive girl Teha. InsyaAllah, you have the potential to become a good Chemistry teacher*I'm telling the truth... I've heard you teaching* Ganbatte ne.

Fatin Syahirah or Fasya for short. This is one of the Teha's gang*kenapa mesti Teha? XD* A very talkative girl yet takdela sampai buat orang menyampah. She knows the limit. She can be very quiet during class. Haha. Orang Terengganu ni. Sep-sep pata timur jugok la. A chibi*small* girl with good sense of humour. I had good time with you Fasya. Syok sembang-sembang ngan kau. Hope we may meet again in the future. Forgotten what your ambition is, demo... Work hard for it okay. n_n

Fatin Amirah. This girl don't have any nickname... I wonder if it's okay to give her one now. Fatin Amirah... Fami okay kot. Haha. Just kidding*If you're reading this Fatin Amirah...Sorry...XD* This girl is unique you know. Her face is not the cutey type and more to mature like I guess, yet she loves cute things . Haha. I can't forget her bag with a kawaii picture of dinosaur saying "Rawr, It means I love you in dinosaur language." Totally cute. I want one too. XD Pernah sekali dia tengok kawan aku main game Spongebob yang agak ganas, she said, "Tidak. Spongebob tak ganas macam tu." Ahaha. Kawaii ne.  She is also one gang with Teha. She looks really mean sometimes but she's not. Can be very talkative and interesting to talk to when you got the right topic yet very scary if you don't. Sebabnya, dia asyik buat muka menyampah je bila kita cakap pasal uniteresting topics with her* Well. Who would anyway*. Haha. Fatin Amirah, may you achieve your goals one day insyaAllah. n_n

Najah. Waa... This is one of our sisters that I love the most. Cute, small, and beautiful. Yet, even though she has all the good quality, she is not arrogant even one bit. Sukoshi nai. She invited us to a party*I can't remember what party. Is it for birthday? Hmm* at her house. She even treated us for a dinner at an Arabic restaurant.. And many more I believe. I didn't get to thank you for all that sis. Arigatou gozaimasu. I will never forget those memories... After eating dinner at the arabic restaurant, we walked to the bus stop. Yet, because of me, we followed the wrong way and end up somewhere else. Luckily I'm familliar with that place. Sorry minna(everyone). n_n Untunglah si Najah ni and some other girls that ride Najah's car as they didn't have to walk... Silap jalan lagi. XD Najah. Kau ni special gila. I don't know why, but I felt very worried when you told me that you will be undergoing a surgery during final examination. I think of you as a very good friend of mine and perhaps like a sister to me. Hope that you'll achieve your ambition one day. Good luck.

Next is Amirah or Anorah or Amora or... Haha. I'll stop. Takut malam nanti kena marah dalam mimpi pulak. Haha. When I first met her, my first thought was. "Mak aih. Besarnya mata. Comelnya. Macam arnab." XD  Then, "Mak aih. Kurusnya. Must be very fragile. Haha*Macam barang kaca la pulak*" Haha. She is a very nice girl. Definitely the same as how she looks. One thing that I can't forget about her is, she has a very unique voice. Macam katun bak ang. Haha. Bila dengar dia bersembang ya Allah, I always laugh as I was thinking that I'm looking at a real live spongebob. So cute. XD  Haha. May you live a good life in future insyaAllah. n_n

Afifah. Waa. This is our class fashionista. She is very trendy. I believe she never wears the same cloth in one or two weeks. Ya la. Rumah pun dekat. She can easily take her clothes home and get new ones from her dresser at home. I wonder how many dressers does she have at home. Haha. Ni salah satu fans Hana Tajima I believe. She always apply different kinds of cloth and style to her veils. Very interesting. One thing that I won't forget about her is during our second month at Puncak Alam. She wears her tudung bawal*tudung biasa je...betul la nama tu kan Fify?* with Najah for the first time. When I met her, she asked me..." Kau perasan tak apa yang lain?" I said no and she said... "Weyh! Dah sebulan kot. Takkan tak perasan?" I said no again. "Tudung aku." Only then I noticed.... "Oh... Korang*Afifah and Najah* pakai tudung biasa." Selama ni diorang asyik pakai tudung Hana Tajima je. XD "Haa. Baru nak perasan. Dah sebulan dah kot." Haha. Sorry Afifah. I'll be more sensitive and more obeserving next time. Haha. May God bless you and hope you'll get to be what you want. May we meet again. n_n

Aisyah. Quite a number of nickname she got. Ecah(classmates), Esoh(Kelantanians) and Mek Sah(me). XD
She is very quiet during the first few weeks. Only after the Kelantanese(Matt and Syafiq) approached her,she speaks. Sebelum tu, diam je dalam kelas ngan BFF dia si Zatie. Not too bad when you know her. Mula-mula memang nampak scary, tapi bila dah kenal. Baru tau dia macam mana sebenarnya. She is very nice, suka bawak makanan and share it with us. Very relaxed too. She rarely seems troubled from what I see. Tapi bila marah, mak aih. Menakutkan oh. Haha. Aku suka cara kau Ecah. Agak-agaknya apa cita-cita kau eh? Mind telling me? Nak jadi ibu mithali kot. Haha. Just kidding. XD Semoga dapat tiba ke menara gading dan berjaya mencapai impian. InsyaAllah.

Zatie. A kawaii and another fragile looking girl. Rasa macam kalau tolak jatuh sikit je boleh patah. Haha. She is very lively sometimes and her laugh is what makes her special. Haha. Kuat kot. But never mind, I'm sure she noticed that and feel shy about that too. XD Entah kenapa, whenever I look at her, I feel like a kid again. Bila berbual ngan dia, text ngan dia, aku rasa cam budak-budak je. Haha. That's her charm I guess. She loves her friend very much and sometimes can be very troubled just because of her friends. May you find some good friends Zatie. Keep up with that attitude okay. That's what makes you you. n_n

Next is Amalina or more familliar with the name Mallyn. Serious cakap. Only in the second sem that I know her real name is Amalina. Haha. Gomen(maaf). She is a very quiet girl so I don't really know a lot about her. She loves to smile and not arrogant though. Walaupun diam, jarang-jarang cakap, she will talk when people talk to her. I guess, she's just shy or don't have anything to talk then. Harap-harap dapatlah capai cita-cita satu hari nanti ya. Be sure to remember us once in while. n_n

Raihan aka A'an. She is a petite girl and very lively. She sometimes randomly pull some jokes dan kadang-kadang tu mampu gak fire orang. Pergh. Kalau kena, pedih gak. Haha. Salute you sis. Jarang sangat perempuan fire laki ni. Haha. Orang Temerloh and pandai masak ikan patin. Pergh. A'an. Kitorang pergi rumah kau nanti. Be sure to prepare some foods for us. XD InsyaAllah, ciri-ciri bini mithali tu dah ada... Calon abang ipar kitorang ade ke belum? Haha. Anyway, may you find all that you seek. n_n

Anyss aka ayong. Waa. Ayong ni pon sorang lagi. Dia ni memang sporting. Walaupun nampak keustazahan dan keibuan, tapi sporting gila Ayong ni.  Kitorang paggil dia mak 'Fish'. Kenapa? Sebabnya ada 'fish' dalam kelas kitorang ni dan Ayong ni memang definitely macam mak kepada 'fish' ni. Haha. Ya la. Everytime kitorang kacau 'fish', mesti 'fish'  merungut... "Ayong. Tengok diorang ni..." Haha. Tapi sayangnya, si Ayong ni tak pernah pun ambik tindakan. Senyum aje. Haha. Sempoila Yong. Jagala 'fish' tu sampai ke tua... Haha. Semoga dapat buktikan kat ibubapa yang Ayong pun boleh berjaya. n_n

Fish... Sape fish ni? her name is Aisah or Isya. Pergh. Dia ni nampak je cam kanak-kanak ribena... Ayong sana ayong sini. Tapi, otak geliga tahap dewa. Haha. Pointer takyah cakpa la, nak kalahkan dalam mimpi pun aku tak mampu. Mula-mula nampak dia, I can see that she always wears bling-bling. Sampaikan budak-budak kelantan yang lain paggil kat dia mek bekwoh*macam makcik-makcik yang pergi kenduri*. Haha. Ya la. She always wears something fancy. Yet, no problem. Who cares what she wears, as long as its acceptable... Pakailah apa pun. I believe you can do anything you want Isya. Semoga cita-cita Isya akan tercapai satu hari nanti. P/s: Kawin jangan lupa jemput. Copet sikit. Den lapa dah ni haa...n_n

Nanie.. A girl who is quite moody sometimes, can rarely see her smile but can be very nice if you know how to talk to her. Tak suka bising-bising and pernah sekali aku kena marah sebab bising dalam lecture hall. Haha. Serves me right. Ganggu orang lagi. Maaf ya nanie. She is my Chemistry lab mate. Rajin oh. Kerja always on time... Aku je yang selalu melambatkan diorang. Sekali lagi mintak maaf. n_n   Harap dapat jumpa lagi and hope that time, you will be more cheerful okay. n_n

Wanie Hussin. Kadang-kadang kitorang panggil wanie s***i*. XD Sebabnya kelas kitorang ada dua wanie. That's just a way to distinguish them. XD She is also one of my lab mate for chemistry. The most diligent in my froup. Very inquisitive. Suka bertanya dalam kelas. Hah. I wish I have that kind of trait. She will ask anything she doesn't know even if its something that might be embarassing. Bagus! n_n  Tapi next time Wanie, try to pick a good time to ask questions okay. n_n  Glad to be working with you. Mata aimasho. I'm sure you will go far with that inquisitive trait of yours. Ganbaru yo. n_n

Sakinah. Another of my Chemistry lab mate. Ni salah satu dari geng muslimah dalam kelas kitorang. Diorang ni jadi kebanggaan for us as we can see that our class is one of the very few classes that have so many muslimah sejati in our class. Haha. She is very patient. She has never been mad during class and I've never seen her in bad mood either. Waa. Please teach me how to do that too. n_n   Haha. Kalau tak salah nak jadi doktor dia ni... So, semoga berjaya ya. It's not an easy thing to do... Yet I believe you'll be just fine insyaAllah. n_n

Sarah. Another pantai timur girl. Yang ni... Haha. Very special indeed. Her voice is the loudest in our class. So, kalau kata nak jadi lecturer tu, sesuai sangatlah. Takyah jerit kuat-kuat, even her normal voice would have reach the end of a lecture hall easily I guess. Jimat bateri microphone lagi. Haha. Just kidding. Sorry Sarah. Glad to know you. Mula-mula dulu ingat susah nak approach dia ni. Ya la, one of the geng muslimah kan. Haha. Tapi definitely silap. Dakara, guys, it doesn't mean that when you're a muslim, when you wear your veils and so on, you are unapproachable. So, be proud girls. n_n Semoga dapat la capai impian ya Sarah. n_n

Nadira aka Nad. Boleh ke aku nak komen ni? Takut pulak kena pukul jap lagi. Pendek-pendek sudah la. XD
She is a very nice girl. And if I'm not mistaken, her pointer is the highest in our clast for sem 1. Omedeto(congratulations) ne chan. n_n May your excellence continue until the end of time. n_n Ni satu lagi, copet sikit hidang nasi minyak. Den tak soba dah ni. XD

Wani Ramli. Hmm. Ni la lagi satu Wanie yang aku cakap tadi. Kitorang paggil dia Wani ** a*. XD. Entah betul entah tidak. Lupakan. Haha. Anyway, I don't really know her. What I know is, she is the most quiet girl in our class. Rasanya, aku dengar suara dia masa dia explain apa-apa kat depan je. Just imagine how rare that is. She is a beautiful sister. Her voice is also unique. Haha. Bila fikir balik, kelas aku ni ada dua suara yang unik. Satu Ella, satu kartun ala-ala spongebob. Ella's voice fits Wanie perfectly I guess. Serak-serak basah and dalam gitu. n_n May you achieve greatness in your life sister and I hope becoming a singer is not one of your ambitions okay. n_n

The last girl is.... Farah. Dia ni kitorang panggil living Google. Waa. Just imagine how smart she must be if she manage to get that nickname. Haha. Memang kalau kitorang tak faham sesuatu, bila dia explain je... It was like... Kaching. Masuk terus dalam kepala. Siap dapat extra info lagi tau. Yang takde dalam buku pun dia explain. Impressive isn't she? n_n   She is very sporting and sometimes very weird too. She keeps saying and doing weird things that other girls normally won't do. Hmm... One example, masa habis kertas last CTU. She said, "Aku nak pegi date... Ngan katil." Haha. Sure made my day. Haha. She wants to take medic too if I'm not mistaken. I hope you will  achieve it one day ya.

Now... The boys. First, Firdaus or Daus or more likely known as Adek. Sebabnya??? Haha. Masa dulu kitorang dengar dia bersembang ngan mak dia. Dia bahasakan diri dia adek. And therefore,, melekatlah nama tu sampailah sekarang. Haha. Orang Melaka yang bahasanya kedengaran agak kasar walaupun sebenarnya bunyi je kasar tapi makna kat belakang kosong je. Just like normal speech.Quite a nice guy, sekolah agama lagi. Yang bestnya ngan dia ni, kitorang selalu gaduh-gaduh cakap tu. Haha. He win sometimes and I win some other times. Suka bagi ilmu agama yang aku tak tau. Arigatou gozaimasu dek. Semoga impian akan tercapai. n_n

Next is Asyraf or Acab/Acap. This is one of the most lively guy in our class. Very sincere and honest. Budak Melaka jugak. So, cakap tu memang kadang-kadang kasar, tapi like I said about Daus earlier, bunyi je kasar, takde apa pun sebenarnya. He is a very nice guy, untungla sape dapat dia buat suami. Haha. Memang kalau cakap pasal orang yang jujur, ni lah salah seorang darinya. Aku pun tak tau nak cakap macam mana. Pendek kata, semua yang keluar dari mulut tu lurus aje. Takdela nak bengkak bengkok sana sini. May you keep becoming better and better ya Acab. Jumpa lagi lain kali. n_n  Cepat-cepat la kawin ya. Lapar nak makan gulai kawah dah ni. XD

Zaimi aka Zai or Mimi. Haha. Kadang-kadang kitorang paggil dia Rain(yang Korea tu). Sebabnya, bila angin tiup rambut dia, mak aih. Rambut terbang macam dalam iklan shamppo tu. Haha. He is one of the sincerest guy I've ever met. And like everyone in my class said about him, "Ayat kau tersusun je./Kau ni sopan betul."... He truly is. Takde macam teman, nak cakap main lepeh je. Macam dia ni. Pikior dulu baru cakap. Huh. Terbaik bak kata Boboiboy. Haha. Zaimi, whatever happens, believe in yourself... Find some friends and ask them anything you don't understand to them without feeling scared or shy. Kawan-kawan nak malu apa kan. Haha. One more thing, try to be more open. Janganlah asyik terperap je kat rumah. Hope next time, you will join more activities with your classmates. n_n

Danial or Mat. He is our class mechanic. Pergh. This guy is very stylish. Kasut hijau, jeans koyak*haha* menjadi fesyen hujung-hujung sem dia ni. Haha. Actually jeans tu koyak sebab accident. A kelantanese. Very friendly. Even my mom said "Dia tu cepat mesra kan." Haha. Tu la specialnya mamat ni, just with one meeting, she already made my mom feel good about him. n_n   Very intelligent too. Sangat suka mengajar orang yang tak faham apa-apa. Kira tak kedekut ilmu la. Ilmu agama pun tak kurang hebatnya. Suka sharing ngan kawan-kawan. Kalu tak sebab dia, aku tak tau kata pakai cincin kat jari telunjuk. jari hantu ngan ibu jari tu salah. Arigatou gozaimasu mat. Mitok-mitok buleh la mu ambik engineering nati insyaAllah. Nok nikoh oyakk deh, jange lamo-lamo sangat. Gula kawoh klate sedak weyh... Haha

Tuan Syafiq. Nickname, Tuan, Tuwe, Syapiq, Capox. Another kelantanese. And a genius one too. He is a very cool guy. Loves anime, just like me. Haha. And he loves One Piece especially. Came to my room quite a number of times just to watch some episodes of One Piece. Haha. As far as I can see, He is a good planner. He manages his time well. Though he says he's lazy, but from my point of view, he's a diligent guy. He is like a ni-san(brother) to me. He loves sharing his opinion in anything. Pssstt. He's a chick-magnet too. Banyak orang minat wooo. Haha. Abang hot tuuu. XD Bilo-bilo mari Penang, oyak bro. Buleh gi jale-jale.

Zahid. This guy is the most diligent in our class. Fuu. Nak tau macam mana rajin dia? Easily said, he rarely miss his homework. Even kalau tak siap pun, he will still do some of it. Pergh. Biar tidur awal pun. Haha. I wonder when he do his homework. He has a very good memory too. Apa yang dia baca, he will remember it for quite sometimes. He rarely sleeps in the lecture hall too. Haha. Hebatkan? He is also a like a brother to me. We usually go to class together. Almost everyday. Haha. Tapi selalunya aku lambat, so ada la jugak time yang aku sruh dia pergi dulu. He loves spongebob and salah satu specialty dia ni ialah... Kemahiran memaku orang sampai terdiam hanya dengan sekali cakap je. Haha. Contoh. Masa Ramadhan tahun lepas, kitorang punya bazar Ramadhan tutup a few days earlier before our holiday. Then si Zaimi cakaplah macam-macam. "Macam mana ni, makanan takde...Haish" Zahid paku sekali je "Eleh Zaimi. Burung-burung takyah gi pasar ramadan pun hidup." Haha. Memang kitorang gelakla masa. tu. Haha. Si Zaimi pun ok fine ok fine je masa tu. Tak tahu nak jawab apa. Haha. Harap-harap mu buleh la ambik kos hok terbaik untuk mu. Mu buleh gapo nati jange lupo oyak kak ku deh.

Hora. Minna. Mintak maaf semua. Hari tu tak sempat jumpa depan-depan, nak mintak maaf elok-elok. Nak tulis dalam facebook terasa malas pulak. Mintak maaf jugak sebab aku tak rasa macam yang kebanyakan dari kalangan kita rasa. Although sekarang kita dah berpecah-pecah, dan nak berkumpul satu kelas ramai-ramai balik pun memang dah agak mustahil, tapi bagi aku memang tu la kehidupan. What for cry or feel sad for something you can't change... Besides, you are all my best friend and more precisely a family to me. That won't change. With that said, I can sleep better. Take care everyone. See you again. That's all I guess. Waa... How can I write for so long. Ada jugaklah yang complain nanti. Haha. To all B4 , anata wa... Daisuki... I love all of you...n_n Thanks for reading guys.



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