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Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nurse The Noble Job

Hey guys. Peace be upon you. How's your day? n_n   Mine was nice and I hope tomorrow will be better for me and you. God willing. I shall cut to the chase and  waste time no more. n_n

This post is actually meant for my friends who are taking nursing courses, and also for all the nurses in the world. It was a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken, a friend of mine requested me to write about nurse because she was pissed and sad due to certain people who seems to look down on her and other nursing students. Katanya orang tu, jururawat ni satu pekerjaan yang lekeh dan hina. Ya lah, kerja cuci najis orang, bagi orang makan dan lain-lain(you know many of what nurses do everyday). Worst, what made it more and more sad is, this was said by someone who might one day become a doctor(medical student-lah kiranya). Seriously man? If you're reading this, go refine yourself.

Tak perlu rasa terhina wahai jururawat
Friends, of course roughly we can say, nurses are below the doctors in the hospital hierarchy, but think, think about the years of learning, the practicals in hospitals and all that. I dare say that nurses are not that far behind from the doctors. Doktor belajar 5 tahun, jururawat 4 tahun(just one year short). Clinical years for doctors are roughly around 2 years, and for nursing is 1 year. Again, just one year short. Pendek kata, kursus kejururawatan ni bukanlah mudah seperti yang disangka. For me, nurse can be considered as a high class job because in order to be one is quite a difficult task.

Sahabat-sahabat, jika anda rasa jururawat itu satu pekerjaan yang hina, cuba fikirkan apa yang akan terjadi sekiranya di hospital hanya ada doktor-doktor dan tiada jururawat. Cuba fikirkan. Mahu kecoh dibuatnya semua hospital yang ada. Doktor berlari ke sana ke mari. Kejap pesakit tu panggil,kejap sana panggil. Kelam kabut kan? n_n   One more thing, nurses can actually be busier than doctors at times. They took care of all the patients most of the time. They spent more time with the patients compared to the doctors. Sesungguhnya jika difikirkan betul-betul, jasa jururawat kepada pesakit-pesakit dengan doktor, tak jauh bezanya. Doctor check and diagnose the patient, nurse take care of the patient. They are basically in need of each other. Nurses, doctors are basically a part of the same healing team. Maka siapalah kita untuk menghina mereka-mereka ini? n_n

I'm basically done with explaining why we shouldn't look down on nurses and now I'm moving on to one more thing also related to nurses. Don't worry, it's short and simple.

Uuuuu. This article really amuses me(salah satu sebabnya,sekarang ni jururawat lelaki pun dah ramai n_n). Kepada lelaki mahupun wanita yang sudah berkahwin dengan seorang jururawat, kepada yang aweknya mahupun pakwenya yang sedang bekerja sebagai seorang jururawat ataupun yang masih lagi belajar dalam bidang kejururawatan, semoga berjaya mengatasi masalah-masalah yang mungkin dialami seperti artikel di atas(if not now,maybe one day). n_n   As a son of a nurse, I am definitely confident that those problems stated in that article can be overcome with the right approaches.

To my non-nurse friends, we should appreciate these nurses and not look down on them. To nurses and nurses-to-be, don't be discouraged by some people who knows not appreciate the others. May you  fulfill your work happily and hopefully you yourselves won't look down on others as well. This is all for tonight. Thank you for reading. n_n 



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