Hadith of the Update

Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

Quote of the Update

Everyday is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on.

-Carrie Underwood

Friday, October 30, 2015


Magnates claimed truth but lies unfold
One sent sages yet mostly were banned
Many brought one true stories they told.

Mass agree, they resort to rend
All obliterated for their denial
Remember, foreign one began foreign it will end

Beginning has ended Who knows the arrival
Soon? Later? Perhaps when we’ve fallen?
The knowledge Eternal’s search it idle.

Clemency came for each person
Straight trail left, it leads to no crime
Curves and corners goes to the dolent.

O one who understands, having a hard time?


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Talk To Strangers - Story #1

Peace be upon you. Yo! 

   How was your day? :)   I hope it was a good one since it was a good one for me. Doktor belanja makan, acano tak good? XD   

   I have a few stories to share that I find quite interesting which happened to me not too long ago. However, for today, I'll write  only one story since I think 'Talk To Strangers' is something I do frequently at times, it will be too long to write all of these stories in one post. Therefore, I'll separate these stories and update them another day. I hope they will be good to read and benefit you since they taught me a lot. n_n

   This is a story about a lady, who is a total stranger to me. We simply had the chance to talk and she is a native, a Blackfoot or Siksika in her language. That's what she told me and believe me, that's my first time I've heard them too. XD   Try Googling it and you'll find out about them. I'm sure you'll notice that you know these people through movies even if you might be as clueless as I was when  I first heard that name.  =w=

~Story 1~

   Her story started when she met her ex-boyfriend. It was a happy relationship and she honestly hoped to be married to him. After a few years, they got engaged. As you might know, sex before marriage are very common nowadays *spare me the religious thought for some other time please* especially in certain countries like hers, so she and his boyfriend did it. Even until now, she still think she did the right thing because she did it out of love, not lust, and so I let her continue with her story. 

   As many stories go, she got pregnant. She was really happy for it thinking they would have a family really soon. Her new family will be complete. She was happy for a while but that was when it started to go wrong. Her fiance called off the engagement. What happened to him, I never asked as she continued telling me her story. 

   She said, even if her ex did her wrong, the baby did not, so she would give birth to that baby, no matter what. *orang bukan Islam pun boleh fikir macam tu, kenapalah orang kita sampai sanggup bunuh bayi?* Everyday she would talk with the baby, caress her stomach, give love to the baby but even that didn't last long. After just a few months *I'm not sure how long* she was once again tested with hardship. She had a miscarriage. I was petrified when she said that. The fact that she looked so heartbroken was enough to break my heart all the same.

   "Why are you telling me this miss? I'm just a stranger," I said. "I don't mind talking to strangers like you about this. In fact, it's easier. You don't judge, you just listen and you grieve with me," answered her while smiling a bit. I simply bowed and we parted on our own ways. Silent prayers for her and all mothers who suffered the same.

I saw it today and yeah. It's nice. :)


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dear Girls

Author's Note: You may want to listen to the song #6 in my playlist while reading this, Trevor Wesley - Chivalry Is Dead. Why? You'll understand soon enough. n_n

Definition of 'Lady' according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary :

a) a woman who behaves in a polite way.
b) a woman of high social position.
c) a man's girlfriend.

Jaw's conclusion : a woman who's well-mannered and knows how to treat herself right and in turn rendering others to treat her the way she wants naturally(voluntarily).


Dear girls,
you wear tight shirts to go on a jog, shoving your chest to everyone's face, yet when guys stare at them, you glare saying they're perverts who have nothing better to do. You forget that even girls' eyes bulge when they see you and talk behind your back. If you care that people look at your bouncy flesh when you run, why not wear something loose? Saying things like I can wear what I want and people shouldn't stare is like you having a bicycle but you never lock it and when people steal it, you blame them and say, "It's my bike. I have the right to lock it or not but they don't have the right to steal/use it." Yeah it's true but don't you think that is being less smart?

Dear girls,
you wear fit, short pants to gym, skin-coloured to boot, and when you sweat, your undies shows. Again, when a guy suddenly stares at your booty, you yell at him for looking but then, isn't it of your own doings? Don't you think to be angry is not really what you're supposed to feel at that time but to be ashamed is more appropriate. Yes, it's hot when your workout so you want to wear something comfortable. Okay, we get it but that's the price you have to pay for wearing something like that, guys and girls staring at you. Pay it if you're willing to but if not, again, wear something else that makes you feel less degraded. I mean, won't you stare if a guy walks into the gym wearing only boxers while exercising?

Dear girls,
don't you want to be a lady? To be treated in a dignified manner as you deserve? *sings*
"So I must open doors and make you feel like the lady you are. My momma raised me to be classy not flashy I'm happy to please you~ Girl, let a real man pick up the slack and treat you with respect, yeah." Trevor Wesley - Chivalry Is Dead
Not all men are dogs. A real man will treat you with respect, they won't do things that may cause you discomfort but let's get real, these men are not someone you see everyday, everywhere. Gentlemen are rare breed. However, guys will treat you right if you let them but that means, you need to know how to treat yourself right first. How you act defines how most people will act to you. So, to be treated as a queen or a slut? Your choice, ladies.

Dear ladies,
pardon my rudeness. I am not saying wearing tight shirts, short pants and the likes of it makes you less of a lady. If you want to wear them and you won't blame people for staring, then go ahead and wear what you like. All I'm saying is, people treat you how you point them to. Your dressings, the way you act will be enough to tell people that. And if people do as said above (staring at your body) when you are leading them to, blame yourself first instead of saying men are dogs because we can also say things like women are bitches. Sorry for the crude words, but I feel it's necessary. 

I'm sorry if this post hurts you in anyway, tell me what's wrong with it and if you have suggestions, a better way to make the point, I'm glad to hear it so leave a comment. Take care and ciao.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


A friend asked me why do I write? So here's my answer.

It started as a childish idea, blogging was a hype back then, semua orang ada blog, tulis pasal sekolah, arguing with friends yada yada yada. Honest, I was one of them. That was how I started.

Few years passed, reading blogs like The Other Khairul and Kereta Mayat kinda changed the way I think about how a blog can be used. So mulalah langkah terkedek-kedek, bertatih whatever dalam menulis useful stuffs. But that doesn't answer the question. Jaw, tolong fokus. XD

Ada orang tegur lately, kau tulis untuk sampaikan mesej ke, nak femes ke, macam mana ke? Then, you know what happens next. Sesi ceramah about niat berjam-jam which even until now is still ongoing, every week and I'm really thankful for that. Ada juga orang tegur about photos and stuffs. I get quite a number of reminders from total strangers and friends alike.

That's the answer. This is why I write. Dengan menulis, orang akan tengok kau, so in a way it makes you conscious of what you do. Nak buat jahat pun beringatlah sikit jadinya. Probably. And another thing, orang akan keep on saying things to you, bad and good but whichever it is, it helps push you to keep on improving. Walaupun yang kurang menyenangkan tu sangat meruntun hati kekadang, tapi ku gagahkan jua. Ewah.

Ada juga tanya, kenapa nak set status public? Mencapab la tu. 

Again, an honest answer dudes and babes, kekadang tu memang ada, but when that happens, I never click post. Tunggu a few days, bila niat tu rasa dah betul, baru post balik. And sungguh tak tipu, I have people, total strangers, who reads my statuses, my blogs and sometimes they would PM me to say thanks. Most of them would say things like, keep on writing bro.

So niat kat sini, nak ajak dear friends, jom tulis benda-benda yang berguna. Tak perlu panjang macam ni pun. Because you never know, random people might read your statuses, blogs etc, and who knows, it may help them with their problems. Maka, jadilah satu kebaikan buat korang, walaupun mungkin time tu korang terbongkang tidur atas katil. n_n 

Adios amigos. Ciao.



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