Hadith of the Update

Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

Quote of the Update

Everyday is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on.

-Carrie Underwood

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stairways To Paradise:Spreading The Love

Peace be upon you. Hi dear readers. Happy New Hijri Year to my muslim friends. How's life? Good I hope. I've been wanting to write this post earlier but what to do, time constraints. n_n
Anyway, let's go back to the topic. On 25th October, I went to an Enrichment Class for muslims and sadly, this post is only relatable to muslims. However, anyone is free to read it if you're interested. n_n
Poster promoting the class
The speaker is a friend of mine and she's a great speaker. But to be honest, just by reading the title, I really don't know what she's going to speak about. I am simply interested to know more and as I was free at that time, I went there to hear it. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad I went there. It was a sharing on why and how to spread da'wah (=spreading the love) as this is what Allah asked us to do and by doing what He ordered us to do, we will get nearer to paradise (=stairways to paradise) insyaAllah. I was a bit late to the class though so please forgive me for missing some informations. However, I will share most of what I got from the class here. n_n

The speaker asked all of us, why do we have to spread da'wah even though Allah will not be affected and will not be weak even if the number of Muslims is only a little. Do what Allah says, stay away from what Allah has forbidden. This is the main reason, Allah orders us to spread da'wah. By the way, this time, I'm using The Holy Qur'an English Translation by 'Abdullah Yusuf 'Ali.
"Say thou: 'This is my way: I do invite unto God,-on evidence clear as the seeing with one's eyes,-I and whoever follows me. Glory to God! and never will I join gods with God."      [Yusuf : 108] 
This verse shows us the definition of da'wah as a whole, which is, calling man to the way of Allah with evidences for the sake of Allah and not for anything else. They do not hope for Earthly rewards from the people but only hope for rewards from Allah. Da'wah is the best job and the most honorable speech from a muslim.
 "Who is better in speech than one who calls (men) to God, works righteousness, and says, 'I am of those who bow in Islam?' "   [Fussilat : 33]
Such is the Decree of Allah. There are more daleel about da'wah other than these two verses, therefore you might want to do extra reading on that. Plus, let's use our logical thinking. I'm sure all of us have non-muslims friends who are very good, in fact, some of them might be better than certain people who call themselves muslims. Shouldn't we sympathise with them? What will we do if later in the akhirah, they blame us for not telling them about the truth of Islam? Think about it brothers and sisters.

So, how do we spread da'wah?
"Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance."   [An-Nahl : 125]
Da'wah is not about to preach hard, but to reach the hearts. It's not about winning arguments and in the end causing people to shy away from Islam. The principles concerning da'wah are knowledge, calling to it, acting upon it and being patient.
"By (the Token of) Time (through the Ages), Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy."   [Al 'Asr : 1-3]
We were told a story about an Imam who is really good in preaching. One day, he was approached by some slaves and they asked him to preach about freeing slaves. He agreed. Those slaves waited for about a year and still the Imam didn't give any preachings as they asked. They all went to meet him and asked him whether he has forgotten about it. The Imam actually just finished collecting money to buy a slave and he wants to free the slave. He said he won't preach on something he never did himself. Beautiful story isn't it? Even we all know, it's easy to say but it's not always easy to do.

Then, what are the approaches of spreading da'wah? They are akhlak (bil hal), charity (bil mal), books/pamphlets (bil kitab), and speech (bil lisan). It's not important on which approaches you take. As long as there are efforts to spread da'wah, insyaAllah, the rewards are there from Allah. I think this post is already a bit too long therefore, I'll stop here for today. I'm sorry but I have to leave out the excuses people normally give when they are asked why don't they spread da'wah. To make it simple, please don't give any excuses to stop yourself from spreading da'wah because it is an obligation of a muslim. Thanks for reading. n_n


Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Little Reminder By A Brother From Somalia

Hallu readers. Peace be upon you. Eid mubarak(blessed Eid) to every muslim readers. n_n   Yesterday has been a very nice day for me even though I cannot celebrate Eid ul-Adha with my family this year *again.sigh*. I wonder how long has it been since my last celebration of Eid ul-Adha together with my family. Pfft, let's stop with the reminiscing. XD   Since I'm celebrating Eid ul-Adha away from my family, two of my Kelantanese friends invited me and some other friends who didn't go back home, to their open houses. Thank you to both of you. I had a good day and lots of good foods. n_n

Selfie master .(guy in red  XD)

So, here's the real deal. I can't fully remember what the Somalian brother said but I'll tell you the gist of it. The story starts when we went back to our hostel. After we arrived, we went to perform our sunset prayer in the surau. We're a bit late, though we're definitely not out of the time range yet. When we're finished, a brother from Somalia greeted us. We basically began to introduce ourselves and then he started a short tazkirah(reminder). His name is Omar by the way.

Omar reminded us about a few things and mostly, it's muslim related. Therefore, I'm gonna start the story by writing about what is relatable even to non-muslims. He is actually doing Ph.D and one of his research is linked to attitude and multi-drug-resistant-tuberculosis(MDR-TB). MDR-TB is tuberculosis that is resistant to two or more drugs used to treat TB patients. This can happen due to many reasons and Omar said, his research shows that the main reason is how the society(doctors,nurses,visitors,etc) perceive the TB patient. Many of us shunned the patients with TB. We are scared of being infected by them, we are scared that we might have the same disease and have to undergo the same treatment as them for months and we are scared that we might die of it. Just imagine if you are the patient and you are being isolated only because you are unluckily the infected person, how would you feel? If it's me, I would rather die than to be isolated and treated as a very dangerous person for months *that's if the drugs work* by people around me. Therefore Omar said, this is what caused the patients to halt from taking their antibiotics and of course when this happens, the Tuberculosis bacteria will become resistant to the drugs that are currently used to treat them. That's how dangerous the social stigma is. I wonder if this can be considered as killing people unintentionally? (・_・?)

So Omar reminded us, to send this word to other medical students and other people. Treat people nicely. God is the one who gave the person that illness to test the faith of His slaves *for me, this is meant not only for the one infected but also for the people around them*. God can take it back from him/her and in turn He can give it you anytime if He pleased. What we can do is taking precautions by wearing mask, gloves, etc but shunning them is definitely not one of the things you should do. n_n

Then, as I said earlier, we performed our sunset prayer, but we're a bit late. Therefore, Omar reminded us that the 5 times prayers have their own times and for muslims to be good slaves of Allah, we have to perform the prayers on time. Better if done in jama'ah at surau or masjeed. He told us about when he was still an undergraduate student studying in Sudan, he never missed performing Subuh prayers at the masjeed. Not even a single day, emphasized him. And the beautiful thing is, he said that there are almost 2000 to 3000 people performing Subuh prayer every single morning. Subhan'Allah. I can't imagine that. He told us to sleep early, before 12 am. It's no use to study until late at night but you cannot wake up early to perform Subuh prayer in time. He said, ever since he's an undergraduate student until now, he has never failed any paper for any subjects. His secret is, sleep early, study early in the morning and according to him, studying for one hour in the morning is more effective than studying for a few hours at night when you're sleepy. There's some truth to that and since he's so successful in his studies, I believe following what he did is a good way to success. Since he told me that, it has been my ambition to become like him. I failed for the first morning, but I'll never give up. Zettai ni!!! YADA!!! Never missed even a single day of Subuh prayer in Jama'ah at masjeed. Crazy I tell you.

So, let me summarise Omar's reminder here. First, treat people nicely and God's help will come. Second, perform your prayers on time and third, studying in the morning is better than studying late at night when you're sleepy. Being a good slave of Allah should be the target of every Muslims and how to do that? Perform what Allah ordered us to do and stay away from what Allah has forbidden. That's all for now and thank you for reading. n_n


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cakap Perkara Yang Penting Sahaja???

Dōmo minna! Apa khabar orang kampung?! :p Pelik sungguh dengan diri sendiri kadang-kadang, pepagi buta masa nak tidur ni la selalu dapat idea nak update apa dalam blog. Hairan. *garu kepala* Anyway, this post is quite random. I was eating at a kopitiam just now *belanja diri sendiri makan selepas 'present' history depan doktor dan atas sebab beberapa kejayaan kecil yang lain. clap-clap  :)* and suddenly, the idea came.

Satu soalan, pernah tak korang kena marah sebab cakap benda yang 'tak penting'? Ada la kadang-kadang yang mungkin komen, "Kau ni suka cakap benda mengarut. Ketuk kang." *padahal bila dia berpaling kat orang sebelah, boleh pulak sembang pasal hensemnya hero Korea etc etc. As if that's not considered as nonsense or 'mengarut'. Haha*   Pernah kan pernah kan? If so, then how do you know whether what you're going to say is important or not? Perlu ke korang cakap pasal kerja, pasal agama, pasal negara dll semata-mata sebab disuruh berhenti bercakap mengenai benda-benda yang tak penting? Takkan kena cakap pasal benda yang serius sepanjang masa sebab kononnya nak cakap mengenai perkara yang penting je? Frankly, I would rather be a social recluse if that's all I'm allowed to talk about and I definitely do not how to talk only on the so called 'benda penting'. 

So, here's my idea on this topic. Kalau nak tahu apa yang korang nak cakap tu penting atau tidak, cuba fikir kaitannya dengan perbualan antara korang dengan kawan korang tu. Maksudnya, kalau orang tu tengah cakap pasal pelajaran, janganlah tetiba korang cakap pasal game pulak. Memang nak kena hempuklah. Haha. Lagi, kalau orang tengah cakap pasal anime, janganlah korang tetiba menjampuk cerita pasal politik pulak. *orang macam ni memang nak kena ketuk. XD*   Get what I mean? Orang kita kata, jangan nak tukar topiklah. Kalau orang cakap pasal agama, korang pun cakaplah pasal tu jugak, ataupun kalau dah tak reti sangat nak cakap apa, diam je. For me, that's basically all. As long as what you're trying to say is somehow relatable to what people are talking about, it can be considered as important *at least towards the conversation *. n_n   Lagipun, kekadang dengan bersembang benda 'mengarut' ni la yang dapat buat persahabatan kita lagi erat. Kekadang Jaw sendiri pun boleh bersembang dengan orang yang tak dikenali sebab kami tengok anime yang sama. Haha. Itu kira mantaplah tu. XD

However, there's one thing worth taking note. Tak elok banyak cakap benda-benda mengarut. Sikit-sikit sembang pasal game, sikit-sikit pasal drama Jepun/Korea/Taiwan/Hindustan etc. Memang buat orang menyampahlah. Haha. Bila serius, kita serius, bila main, kita main. *ayat standard kat memana kem XD*   As long as you can build a healthy relationship with people, your friends, and as long as your words do not aggrieve anyone, what's wrong with saying it? Kan? That's all for now. Thank you for reading and wait for the next update. Dōmo arigatou.


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Creator

Peace be upon you. Hi everyone. How are you? Hope everything's great. It's been a while since my last update and I think it's not too late to wish to degree students, welcome back to your university. n_n
I am a bit unwell right now. Am having fever after eating too much durians. I guess that's why the elders always say that durian is hot. So be careful next time, take care not to eat too much durians or else you'll be having a bad day like me.  n_n

Actually, this post is aimed for the atheists and the idea to write this post came from the fact of me having fever after eating durians. I was strucked with an idea that I am very weak. WE!, humans are weak. All I did was eating about 20 peels of durians*that's a lot actually*, now I have fever and pain all over my body. Even my breath reeks of sulphur. Urggh. No wonder some people say, 'father of all illness is the stomach.' Therefore, when this idea came unto me, I thought about The Creator. When everything in this world is weak, where everything can get sick, there must be One that doesn't get sick and will be totally different from any creatures in this world. That from my point of view as a muslim is Allah, or for others, the God, The Lord of The World.

 Why did I think of this? Let me quote a part of Maher Zain's song, Open Your Eyes.

"Look around yourselves
Can't you see this wonder
Spreaded in front of you
The clouds floating by
The skies so clear and blue
Planets in the orbits
The moon and the sun
Such perfect harmony
Look inside yourselves
Such a perfect order
Hiding in yourselves
Running in your veins..."
This song is asking us to question ourselves about God by giving us some examples on how perfect everything in this universe works. A perfect harmony. For something so perfect, there must be a Great Creator. I believe each and every one of you has basic knowledge of biology. So, have you ever thought about the complexity and perfection of the order in our body? What sets the red blood cells to live only for about 120 days and then be recycled? Or, how come when your heart rate and your blood pressure falls, there will be all sorts of processes going on in your body to increase your heart rate and your blood pressure back to normal? Or, about how the pericardial space*space between your heart layers* contains fluid that lubricates the membrane surfaces that allows easy heart movement? These are only three examples of perfections out of many other things happening in our body. Just imagine if only these three are out of control, you might have anaemia when there is a problem with red blood cell recycling, you might also have hyper or hypotension when there is a problem with the regulation of blood pressure, and you might even feel pain for every heartbeat if pericardial space is not there. Therefore, isn't it just logical if there is a Creator for all of these perfections?

Let me tell you a story about a man who believes in God, The Creator of the Earth and the Universe and the atheists who said Earth existed naturally. The man who believes in God was invited by a few atheists to debate about existence of God. He agreed and on the day of the debate, he came late. All the atheists were angry and asked him why he's late. He answered, on his way, the only bridge connecting from his to place to this meeting place collapsed. The atheists were skeptical, yet they played along and asked, "Then how can you arrive here? If the only bridge that connects our places collapsed, it should take more than days to rebuild it. Yet, here you are." The man answered, while waiting, suddenly a tree collapsed in front of him. Then the tree cut itself into the shape of a boat and let him rode in it. That's how he managed to cross the large river. The atheists said, "Ridiculous. Tree cannot do that. It's impossible. It cannot cut itself even more so it cannot shape itself into a boat and let you ride in it. Only man can cut the trees and build a boat." The man answered, "The same goes to Earth. It's impossible for Earth to exist naturally with all these things inside it. Therefore there must be a Creator who created the Earth and all things inside it." The atheists got the point and became believers.

If you say there is no God because we cannot see Him, again let me quote from the same song by Maher Zain.
"What about anger love and pain
And all the things you're feeling
Can you touch them with your hand?
So are they really there?"
Can you see all these feelings? Of course you can't, so can I say these feelings do not exist? No, since we can feel them. Yeah, of course one of the favourite question and answer for this is you cannot feel God like your feelings, what makes you think that there is God? Also, not to mention the fact that you cannot see God. Actually, you can feel God and His Greatness. You just have to find Him first. However, let me give you one logical explanation though. As you might know, there are some bats that do not see colour. For these bats, perhaps they would never know about colour, because you can't feel colour, you see it. Just because these bats cannot see or feel colour, can we say that colour do not exist? No. Then, daaa. *Maher Zain-Open Your Eyes playing~~*
"Let's start questioning ourselves
Isn't this proof enough for us?
Or are we so blind
To push it all aside?
I think that's a long enough post. Of course there are many more questions left unanswered but I hope this is sufficient to at least make you think about The Creator therefore giving you a push to look for more information on Him. My post here is not about which God from which religions is true. I just hope that the atheists out there will find faith in God and I pray to God that you may find the way. To be dependent upon God is actually our nature as humans. If not, why does people from the old civilizations until now, build all these temples, zigurats, pantheon, masjids and all sorts of other places to pray to God? This fact shows that people are always in need of God and to be able to pray to Him is a reward none can compare. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. 


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Berakhlak Mulia Sesama Insan / Good Moral Values Among Human

Peace be upon you. Hey guys. How's Ramadan treating you so far? Harap-harap menyeronokkan dan baik-baik je. Sekarang ni Jaw tengah baca buku Bicara Ini Demi Ilahi yang ditulis oleh Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Belum habis lagi tapi setakat ni, boleh dikatakan buku ni sangat bagus. 'Eye opener' kata mat saleh. Haha. Lots of things we might think as trivial matters but actually have big impacts on us, our society and the whole world were discussed in it. Dalam buku ni, ada satu bab khas yang menceritakan mengenai akhlak sesama insan. So, here I am, doing a bit of summary for this chapter to share with you guys. May God bless. n_n

1. Berurusan dengan akhlak mulia

- Menurut pepatah Arab,
"Hendaklah kamu bergaul ibarat adik-beradik. Dan hendaklah kamu kira bicara ibarat orang jauh." 
Maksud pepatah ni adalah, bila bersahabat, kita kena anggap sahabat-sahabat kita macam adik-beradik sendiri. Macam mana kita layan adik-beradik kita, macam tu jugaklah kita kena layan sahabat-sahabat kita. Tapi, bila bab-bab hutang dan yang sewaktu dengannya, kita kena anggap mereka ni macam orang jauh. Means, you cannot delay paying your debts without good reasons and even more so you cannot just ask them to forget about the debt. Takkanlah kalau kita pinjam duit dengan bank, kita nak mintak bank tu belanja wat lek  je kan? Same concept is being applied. Beautiful proverb isn't it? Short but really deep. n_n

2. Menceriakan suasana perbualan.

- Basic rules boys and girls. Maniskan muka, senyum sikit dan sambil-sambil tu selitlah sikit gelak tawa bila berbual. n_n

3. Menghulurkan nasihat demi kebaikan.

- Senang cakap, susah buat. Ramai orang boleh bagi nasihat, tapi tak ramai yang boleh bagi nasihat dengan cara yang betul. Sebab itu, ramai orang yang dinasihatkan makin keras kepala jadinya. Kata penulis, nasihat perlu diberi dengan cara yang berhikmah. Gunakan kata-kata yang baik dan paling penting, elakkan nada yang keras bila menegur. Air muka dia kenalah jaga. Kalau kita malukan dia depan orang, macam mana dia nak terima. Kan?  n_n

4. Menjamu dan memenuhi undangan.

- Seperti yang semua tahu, majlis jamuanlah yang boleh mengumpulkan ahli keluarga dan sahabat handai di satu tempat. Masa nilah semua boleh bersembang, bergurau senda mengeratkan silaturrahim. Maka di dalam Islam, umatnya amat digalakkan untuk mengadakan majlis jamuan seperti ini. Mereka juga amat digalakkan untuk memenuhi jemputan ke majlis-majlis tersebut. Sampai ke tahap diwajibkan jikalau tiada kesulitan. Buat kawan-kawan bukan Muslim, kata orang, benda yang baik perlu diikut, yang buruk perlu ditinggalkan. I know you have this kind of gatherings too in each year, so please do not forget this tradition of yours too. And better still, why no we invite each of our friends to our gatherings regardless of their races and religions. Tapi, untuk majlis-majlis keagamaan dan yang dirasakan tidak bersesuaian, usahlah dijemput. We have to be sensitive to people's values right? n_n

5. Menyebarkan salam.

- Dalam buku ni, penulis memfokuskan kepada masyarakat Muslim tapi Jaw nak ubah sikit biar lebih umum untuk semua orang tak kira agama. Salam can actually be translated into greetings, hello, regards etc. Jadinya menyebarkan salam ini perlu untuk semua orang. Muslim dengan cara Muslim, dan yang lain dengan cara yang lain. Says Louis Armstrong in his song What A Wonderful World,
"I see friends shaking hands. Saying, how do you do? They're really saying, I LOVE YOU."
Beauty! By spreading salam or greetings, you are actually spreading love. And love is the only thing that can heal this sick world. By the way, for Muslims, please be noted that to give salam is sunat, but to answer it is wajib.

6. Menziarahi orang sakit dan kematian.

- Ada di kalangan kita sekarang terlampau berpegang pada adat. Sehinggakan jikalau tiada buah tangan, lebih baik tidak pergi berziarah. Yang diziarahi pula, jika tidak diberi buah tangan, mulalah mulut buat dosa kering. Haish. So, the writer said it's not important to bring gifts but to visit is more important. However, when you're visiting sick people, be considerate. Janganlah terlalu lama, berikan masa untuk orang yang sakit itu berehat. Doakan kesihatannya pulih seperti biasa. Semasa kematian pula, cubalah luangkan masa untuk menziarahi, ,menyembahyangkan dan mengiringi jenazah ke kubur sehingga majlis selesai. It is really meaningful for these people who just lost their loved ones. Sekurang-kurangnya, diorang tahu diorang masih ada ahli  keluarga dan rakan-rakan lain yang menyokong di belakang. n_n

7. Hormat-menghormati.

- Pendek kata, hormati ibu bapa dan orang yang lebih tua, suami isteri juga perlu saling hormat-menghormati. Satu lagi, adalah amat penting untuk kita menghormati masyarakat sekeliling terutamanya jiran tetangga tanpa mengira agama, bangsa mahupun warna kulit mereka.

That's all for my summary. Not really short isn't it. Miyane(sorry XD). Hope it can benefit us all somehow. I tried my best to write my summary so that it is acceptable for all, be it Muslims or Non-Muslims. You are all my friends, readers and I hope this summary is adequate. Thanks for reading. Peace out yo. n_n


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things You Can Do When You're Upset

Peace be upon you. What's up? How's your Ramadan my muslim friends? To my non-muslim friends, are you enjoying Ramadan? n_n Yalah, dapat pergi bazar Ramadan, beli makanan yang susah nak dicari dalam bulan lain dan mungkin sesetengah makanan memang tak ada pun dalam bulan lain. I hope you had a good week and may you enjoy the rest of Ramadan peacefully. n_n   But you know, life knocks you down sometimes, so here I am, writing a post about what can we do when we're having bad times. By the way, around a week ago, my friends and I just got our Professional Exam 1 results and sadly, some of us failed the exam. So, this is actually a way for me to cheer my friends up. To you guys, I hope you read it and please know that I love you guys so much. n_n

- Read the holy scriptures of your own religion and if you don't really mind reading other's, please do.  (Simple but it really soothes your minds)

- Call your parents, usually Mom is the better choice. (Sorry dad   XD)

- Eat chocolates. (Helps you to focus on what you should do next but not too much okay)

- Hug your friends. (The warmth of your friends will help you somehow  XD)

- Get a massage. (Ask your friends or just go find the massage chair, equipment or something)

- Go to the field, lie on the grass and watch the sky. (Be noted. You might fell asleep  n_n)

- Read novels, comic books, manga or anything that helps you forget your problem for a little while. (Only for short while,not too long okay   n_n)

- Listen to music. (Each one of you should have an mp3 player of your own. Or at least,a computer)

- Sleep. (It works wonders man  n_n)

- Text someone who makes you feel happy.

- Try dancing. (Any kind of dancing will do   XD)

- Watch movies you used to love as a child. (Mine is Robots)

- Go out for a walk around the garden. (Seeing greens and other colours gives you tranquility)

- Make friends.

- Draw, paint, colour something or do anything related to arts which you like. (I prefer drawing and origami)

- Take a shower. (Cools your head,temper etc)

- Open old albums and look through those old photos of yourself.

- Talk to a cat, or dog, or your teddy bear, or the trees behind your house. (At least talk to something)

- Sing out real loud and if possible, sing crazily. (Act like a metal guitar player etc   n_n)

- Think positive.

- Do good to someone else. May God send someone to do good to you too.

- Go to an aquarium and watch the beautiful fishes in it.

- Drink some tea. Eg: chamomile, mint and jasmine (I prefer green tea by the way  XD)

- Change your bedsheet. (Choose one with bright colours. Some say green is good)

May these suggestions help you in relieving your stress brothers and sisters. That's all for tonight. Peace out yaww.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh Ayah Oh Ibu

Peace be upon you. Good day isn't it? n_n   This post should have been written around a month ago as requested, but too much work to be done. Sorry. Well, at least, I'm happy to finally be able to write and fulfill the request by a brother. Last month, I went to Forum Oh Ayah Oh Ibu. Boleh tahan ramai yang hadir masa tu. Jadinya post kali ini adalah perkongsian daripada apa yang disampaikan oleh ahli panel forum tersebut. Semoga bermanfaat. Sharing is caring,right?  n_n

The forum started with a video presentation. Nak kasi link tapi tak boleh bukak Youtube. Cubalah korang google 'Abah - Dr. Ahmad'. Maybe someone posted it on the internet somewhere. A panelist said, "Orang yang cerdik ialah orang yang belajar daripada kesilapan. Tapi orang yang LEBIH cerdik ialah orang yang belajar daripada kesilapan orang lain." I must say I agree 100% with him. Tak perlu hurai lebih, korang faham punyalah apa panel tu cakap. Simply said, try hard to be the 'orang yang lebih cerdik'. He also said that "Menghormati ibu bapa bukan sahaja kewajipan daripada segi agama tapi juga daripada segi moral dan etika." So, this means, as long as you're something called human, you should follow this ethical code which is obeying your parents."

Katanya, ada 4 sebab kenapa masih ada orang yang mengkhianati ibu bapa iaitu, SPRM:
S - Selisih pendapat kerana anak muda banyak mengambil keputusan mengikut emosi
P - Perwatakan ibu bapa yang dirasakan tidak sesuai. Penampilan memalukan.
R - Rupa paras memalukan.
M - Miskin
This four points basically covered all the messages the video 'Dr Ahmad' tried to convey. As a teenager myself, I can't help but agree that many times I do take actions according to my emotion. Thank God, I am lucky, I never felt the other three with my parents. I believe many of the readers here are as lucky as me too but of course these problems do exist in this society. n_n   Maka kepada sesiapa yang terasa, cubalah buang sejauh mungkin perasaan-perasaan tersebut. 

Then another panelist shared a beautiful story about Prophet Musa and a young man. One day, Prohet Musa went to pray on Mount Tursina. He could talk with Allah and so he asked, who will become his neighbour in the afterlife. Allah answered and told him the place where that person lives. Prophet Musa went to visit that man and when he arrived, the man didn't  even serve him water. The man went into a room, he brought out a female pig, bathe it, wiped it and kissed it. The man then enters the room again and this time he brought out a male pig, bathe it, wiped it and kissed it too. Prophet Musa was confused of the man's action and asked what is his religion. The man said he believes in Tauhid*believes in One God,can be considered as a Muslim*. He added that those pigs are actually his parents. They were cursed as they sinned against Allah. He hoped by doing that, Allah will forgive his parents and let them enter heaven. Praise be to God, the parents were put into the heaven along with the son. Cantik kan cerita ni? n_n   Ayuh berusaha jadi anak yang soleh macam lelaki ni *anak solehah jugak  XD*.

Then, a panelist asked, "Bagaimana kita boleh menjadi anak derhaka sedangkan kita berada dalam kandungan ibu selama 9 bulan? Kita anak manusia tidak boleh hidup jika dibiarkan sahaja tanpa dijaga. Ibu menyusukan kita selama 2 tahun. Bapa pula bekerja mencari nafkah untuk menampung kita. Jadi mengapa? Kenapa kita menderhaka?" Malu akan ibu bapa perlu dikawal dan jangan menjadi punca derhaka. Kita perlu sentiasa mendoakan ibu bapa, sentiasa cuba berbuat kebaikan pada setiap masa dan menggunakan perkataan yang baik apabila berkata-kata dengan mereka. God willing, we will do all this won't we? n_n

These are basically the important things mentioned in the forum, Banyak lagi sebenarnya tapi tulis banyak-banyak buat apa. Biar pendek asalkan bermanfaat. Tak gitu? *pendek ke? haha*   n_n
"Kita kena ada satu pendirian, bila bersama ibu  bapa, kita sentiasa salah kerana itu bukan tempat untuk berhujah tapi tempat untuk taat."
This was said by one of the panelist that night. Selagi mana ibu bapa tidak menyuruh kita melakukan perkara yang menentang agama, maka ikutlah dengan baik. Nak senang cerita, hormati ibu bapa, taat kepada mereka, berbuat baik terhadap mereka dan jangan sesekali menderhakai mereka. That's all for now. Thank you for reading. n_n
p/s: My friends and I will be having exam early next month. Please pray for us and wish us luck. Thank you. n_n


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nurse The Noble Job

Hey guys. Peace be upon you. How's your day? n_n   Mine was nice and I hope tomorrow will be better for me and you. God willing. I shall cut to the chase and  waste time no more. n_n

This post is actually meant for my friends who are taking nursing courses, and also for all the nurses in the world. It was a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken, a friend of mine requested me to write about nurse because she was pissed and sad due to certain people who seems to look down on her and other nursing students. Katanya orang tu, jururawat ni satu pekerjaan yang lekeh dan hina. Ya lah, kerja cuci najis orang, bagi orang makan dan lain-lain(you know many of what nurses do everyday). Worst, what made it more and more sad is, this was said by someone who might one day become a doctor(medical student-lah kiranya). Seriously man? If you're reading this, go refine yourself.

Tak perlu rasa terhina wahai jururawat
Friends, of course roughly we can say, nurses are below the doctors in the hospital hierarchy, but think, think about the years of learning, the practicals in hospitals and all that. I dare say that nurses are not that far behind from the doctors. Doktor belajar 5 tahun, jururawat 4 tahun(just one year short). Clinical years for doctors are roughly around 2 years, and for nursing is 1 year. Again, just one year short. Pendek kata, kursus kejururawatan ni bukanlah mudah seperti yang disangka. For me, nurse can be considered as a high class job because in order to be one is quite a difficult task.

Sahabat-sahabat, jika anda rasa jururawat itu satu pekerjaan yang hina, cuba fikirkan apa yang akan terjadi sekiranya di hospital hanya ada doktor-doktor dan tiada jururawat. Cuba fikirkan. Mahu kecoh dibuatnya semua hospital yang ada. Doktor berlari ke sana ke mari. Kejap pesakit tu panggil,kejap sana panggil. Kelam kabut kan? n_n   One more thing, nurses can actually be busier than doctors at times. They took care of all the patients most of the time. They spent more time with the patients compared to the doctors. Sesungguhnya jika difikirkan betul-betul, jasa jururawat kepada pesakit-pesakit dengan doktor, tak jauh bezanya. Doctor check and diagnose the patient, nurse take care of the patient. They are basically in need of each other. Nurses, doctors are basically a part of the same healing team. Maka siapalah kita untuk menghina mereka-mereka ini? n_n

I'm basically done with explaining why we shouldn't look down on nurses and now I'm moving on to one more thing also related to nurses. Don't worry, it's short and simple.

Uuuuu. This article really amuses me(salah satu sebabnya,sekarang ni jururawat lelaki pun dah ramai n_n). Kepada lelaki mahupun wanita yang sudah berkahwin dengan seorang jururawat, kepada yang aweknya mahupun pakwenya yang sedang bekerja sebagai seorang jururawat ataupun yang masih lagi belajar dalam bidang kejururawatan, semoga berjaya mengatasi masalah-masalah yang mungkin dialami seperti artikel di atas(if not now,maybe one day). n_n   As a son of a nurse, I am definitely confident that those problems stated in that article can be overcome with the right approaches.

To my non-nurse friends, we should appreciate these nurses and not look down on them. To nurses and nurses-to-be, don't be discouraged by some people who knows not appreciate the others. May you  fulfill your work happily and hopefully you yourselves won't look down on others as well. This is all for tonight. Thank you for reading. n_n 



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