Hadith of the Update

Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud,

The Prophet used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

[Bukhari. Volume 1, Book 3, Number 68]

Quote of the Update

Everyday is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on.

-Carrie Underwood

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Cosplay by Mirish

     “Huh. Huh. Sorry teacher, I’m late.” “Never mind. Go take your seat.” “Thank you,” I answered gratefully while gasping for air. “Hmm. Where should I sit… The class is full,” I thought to myself. “Jamey! Come here. Sit beside me,” shouted an unknown but familliar voice. It was Natalie’s, every boys’ crush, including me. “Huh? Okay.” Then I moved slowly towards her, careful not to show her that I'm nervous.

     “What's wrong with her? Doesn’t she feel shy shouting like a crazy old woman?” I said to myself as I sat beside her. I took out my book and simply looked at the blackboard in front, feeling jittery. “Hey, don’t be shy. Don’t tell me you are not used to it,” said Natalie while giving me her impish smile. “Of course I’m shy. Aren’t you? If you’re not, you should. You’re a girl you know.” “Hmph. Stupid Jamey. I won’t do it again. Is that cool with you?” asked her angrily. I gave her a nod before I dozed off. “Boring…”

     After a while, I woke up and I saw her, focused, reading I don’t know what. “She’s so pretty,” I wondered while staring at her face, love-strucked. “Hey! Don’t stare at me like that! What? Something on my face?” she interrupted my gazing. I flinched and said, “Stop shouting like my grandma. It’s nothing. Your face is fine.” She gave me a sour smile, and then continued doing her work. 

     I tried doing mine too but it was futile. It was so hard studying beside her. Studying beside a girl, that’s nothing, but your crush? Don’t tell me it’s nothing. As happy as I may be, I’m nervous. Her presence, her sweet-smelling cologne, and not to mention her voice. It’s beyond one’s imagination. Her voice was so charming and appealing. I could barely look away from her face for 10 seconds before trying to steal a look once again. She had a cute face, a little bit chubby and her cheeks was as red as blooming roses.

     “Dude. What is wrong with you? Staring at me like tiger hunting for its prey.” Again, I flinched. I quickly turned my face the other way and tried to stay cool. “When did I ever stare at you? You’re the one who is staring at me right now,” I murmured. “Come on dude. Even a blind guy can see what you did just now.” No I did not.” “Yes you were.” “Mr Jamey and Miss Natalie, if you don’t mind, we have a class right now? Stop fighting and do your work,” scolded Madam Julie. “Hmph!” Both of us looked away from each other. When the class ended, Natalie said sorry to me while I was packing. She gave me a letter, an apology letter she said and she asked me to open it only when I am alone at home and I was not to show it to anybody. I smiled. “Pretty and considerate,” I thought to myself.

     I put the letter inside my bag and cycled back home. Natalie went back with her dad even though her house was not too far from the tuition centre. I kept on thinking about the letter on the way home. “I wonder what is written in the letter?” I thought. When I arrived home, my friends who were happily playing soccer in the field shouted at me inviting me to join them. I refused them, quickly put my bike away and ran into my house, leaving my friends confused.

     In my room, I switched on the fan jumped onto my fluffy bed. I took my bag and searched for Natalie’s letter. “Hmm. Where did I put it?” After a few seconds, I managed to find it and scanned my whole room to make sure nobody was there. “Room locked, curtains closed. Okay, I’m safe.” I read the letter and I was greatly surprised by it.

“Dear Jamey, 
     I have been watching you for a long time. You are the most generous boy that I have ever met. Not to mention, you’re handsome too. Hehe. The reason I wrote this letter is that… I want to confess my feeling towards you.  
<3 <3 I LOVE YOU <3 <3  
     I have always liked you since we were in 8th grade. We were in the same class and when I saw you for the first time, I fell in love. It was love at first sight. I am really shy to ask you this, but my mom said I won’t get what I want if I never am brave enough to try and get it. Will you be my boyfriend? Please think about it and I honestly hope, with all my heart that you will accept me. I must go now. Love you!
P/s: Trust me, I am not pulling your leg. 
                                                                                                                                            Natalie Portman”

      After reading her letter, I tried to remember all her reactions towards me, about what my friends used to tell me about her, and also about what I sometimes feel about her. “She was doing all that becaused she loves me… Dumb Jamey. Why didn’t you realise? Your friends have been telling you all this time and you didn’t believe them,” I pondered feeling stupid. With that realisation, came a surge of happiness and gladness. “Of course I’ll be your boyfriend…” I whispered softly.

     I smiled non-stop for the whole day till my mom asked me, “What’s wrong? You’ve been smiling a whole lot you’re freaking me out dear.” “It’s nothing mom. Can’t your son be happy?” I asked playfully. “Alright then. I’m glad you’re happy but don’t you think you owe me an explanation?” asked mom, smiling. “No, I’m too shy.” Mom laughed and pinched my cheeks, “Tell me. Who is the lucky girl?” 

     You can never hide anything from your mom. “MOM! Shhh! How’d you know? I haven’t said anything.” “I know my son, and I know that look. Your father had the same look last time.” “Blergh. Alright… I give up.” “So, who’s the girl?” “Natalie.” “Natalie? You mean Natalie Portman?” asked Mom with a shocked look. “Yeah. Her.” “Wow. My son is quite the lady killer huh?-” said Mom playfully, “I like her. She’s very nice and she’ll make a good wife I’m sure.” “MOM! We’re not even a couple yet. You’re pushing things too far.” Mom laughed and said, “I know. But I really do like her and you have my support, 100 percent.” I nodded and took one last sip of my soup. I cleaned the bowl, brushed my teeth and went to bed straight away after giving Mom good night kiss.

     I slept very late that night because I could not stop from thinking about her. The next morning, I was late for the tuition, again. To my surprise, the only seat available was beside her again. I paced to my seat slowly. “You’re always late,” she began the conversation. “Sorry, tons of work at home.” “Yeah right,” she smiled. That was her last words for that day. She was probably shy thinking about the letter. Fortunately, I had no problem concentrating that day. When the class ended, I gave her my reply and she was smiling broadly. She then ran towards her car gracefully. Her feet was so light and she moved as if she was floating on the clouds.

     I went home as usual and I was playing soccer with my friends when phone suddenly beeped. It was a message from an unknown number. I read the message, “Are you sure?” “Sorry. Sure about what? And who are you?” “Oops. Sorry. It’s me, Natalie. I was just confirming, are you sure I can be your girlfriend and you be mine? Hehe.” I jumped and screamed so hard all my friends stared at me. “Sorry guys! It’s my mom. She’s buying me a gift. Just ignore me,” I lied to them. I then replied her message, “Of course Nat. And to be honest, my mom kind of found out… And she said she likes you.”

     A few seconds later, my phone rang. It was her. She phoned me. I pressed the answer button anxiously. “Hi.” “Hi. Because you accepted me as your girlfriend, I would like you to do something for me.” “Oh come one. We just became a couple and you’re already bossing me around?” I asked laughing. “Aww. Don’t be like that. Please? It means a lot to me.” “Of course Nat. Why not. What is it that you want me to do?” “I want you to propose me to be your girl formally. That’s all.”

     “Alright. I can do that, no problem. Are you free tomorrow?” “Yes, I am.” “Okay. What about a date tomorrow, at Ivory Plaza?” “I’m only free after 11 o’clock.” “Let’s meet at the fountain around 12 then?” She giggled, “Yay! Thank you Jamey. I love you. I’ll see you there at 12. Bye.” “I love you too Nat,” and we both hung up. That was the most exciting and also the happiest moment in my whole life I almost fainted out of joy.

     Tomorrow came really fast and I prepared myself quite too early for the date. We planned to meet at the fountain at 12 and I was there thirty minutes earlier. I couldn’t wait but I was nervous at the same time. I wore a casual, black Nike t-shirt, grey skinny fit Levi’s denims for my pants and of course, my favourite Navy blue, Stan Smith Adidas shoes. Don’t tell anyone though, nothing on me are original products except these pair of shoes. Who’s crazy enough to pay $100 for a t-shirt. Definitely not me.

     To my astonishment, she came early too but still a minute too late before me. She was gorgeous and let me tell you how beautiful she was. She wore a loose-fitting white Adidas t-shirt with a black hooded track jacket on top, light blue high-rise skinny jeans for her pants suited with a pair of maroon Canvas Old Skool Vans. She was being herself, she rocked that look and no one can be prettier than those who are comfortable in their own skin.

     From tips to toe, she was perfect. Looking at her running towards me felt like I was watching one of the angels from the heaven running at me. “Hello. You’re early. “And you’re late,” I complained gleefully. “Aww. It’s not even twelve yet!” “I was just kidding-” laughing quietly, “You look really nice.” “What? Just nice?” “Okay, you’re pretty and I love everything about you.” “Really? Mom said this is not dating outfit, more like what I always wear for skating.” And that’s what I like about you.” “That’s sweet. Thank you-” she said with a happy face, “Let’s go.”

     “You look sharp today, and very handsome,” she told me while eating a piece of pie. “Don’t tell me you just noticed that?” asked me, joking. “Of course not silly. I noticed it a long time ago but only today do I have the chance to tell you that,” she chuckled. “Thank you,” I answered while giving her my cat-like smile. She laughed and then took my hand. She brought me to a shop. Inside it was full with gems and rings. She went to the counter and greeted the woman who seemed to be in her forty.

     “Hi Mom,” she said to the woman. “Hi darling. Is this him.” “Yes, the very one.” “Hello Jamey. Natalie told me a lot about you,” said her Mom while smiling to me frankly. “Hello Ma’am. She did?” I asked, blushing. “Yes. She can talk for a whole day about you with me. You really should have hear it,” said her while chuckling quite the same way as Natalie always did. “Like mother, like daughter,” I thought. “MOM! That’s my secret. You’re not supposed to tell him that,” interrupted Natalie. 

     “Sorry honey. I just couldn’t help it-” Natalie’s mom smiled, “I only want him to know that you truly love him.” “Don’t worry Ma’am. Just this one evening and she has told me that thousand times I lost count already,” Natalie slapped my shoulder hard. Her mom laughed and said, “You guys are really cute together. Don’t forget that love is another, studying is another. Don’t let love affect your studies okay guys.” “Aye aye Ma’am,” answered us both and we both laughed at that. 

     Her mom smiled. “Oh, I forgot. This is for both of you,” and then she took two silver rings from a case near her. We took the rings and marveled at the unknown glyphs carved on them. “No you shouldn’t,” said Natalie and I simultaneously. We laughed again and I continued, “These looks expensive Ma’am. The carvings are very detailed and we can’t afford such things.” “It’s okay. Just take it. You see, these glyphs here are said to be elven glyphs of old. And these, when worn in pair, is like a prayer that you two will be together forever. I don’t know if it’s true but in any case, I do pray for you guys to be together forever,” she said while putting the rings on our fingers. “Thanks Mom. You’re the best. Ever,” said Natalie while hugging her tightly and kissed her on both of her cheeks. Her mom then gave me a hug as well which made me blush but it felt really nice to be trusted that much.

     “Thank you so much Ma’am. How can I ever thank you?” “You can do that by not hurting her and give her the happiness she deserves.” “I won’t forget that and I’ll do my best Ma’am,” I assured her. For one last time that day, Natalie hugged her mom again and then off we went out of that shop.

     “You should have told me that you were bringing me to see your mom.” “How can I? If I did tell you before, will you meet her?” “Fine. You win. I probably won’t if you did. Your mom is really nice though.” “I know,” she grinned. “Let’s enjoy today and make you mom’s wish come true. Just you and me.” “Just you and me Jamey,” she said and she held my arms. That day, we had so much fun together. We skated, we watched, we read books in BORDERS for free but really, if I have to pick which of the moments that day was the best. I would say it was our meeting with her mother. Then at 6 o’clock, she had to go back.

     “When we’re having the most fun, that’s when the time always fly,” I told her sadly. “Yes, but it’s okay. We had fun and we will have more fun, don’t you worry.” “Now you’re talking.” She smiled and said, “Let’s go out again some other time okay.” “Sure Nat. When you’re free, you know who to call.” “I’ll remember that.” “Don’t forget what your mom said though, we should not forget our studies as well.” “Of course. Let’s make going to college our goals?” “Set. Let’s go to college,” I promised her. She smiled, “Okay. I must go now so bye. I love you.” “I love you too Nat. Bye bye,” I replied. She smiled and waved at me one last time before running towards her mom.

     I waved at them and I saw her whispering to her mom. She suddenly came running back to me and said, “Sorry, I forgot.” “What is it?” I asked her, feeling confused. All of a sudden, she kissed me on the cheek and almost immediately, she ran away while I was still stunned at that sudden development.  “She really knows how to catch me off guard. I better be careful next time,” I murmured softly while my smiling alone. She was already far off when I regained control of myself.

     I took her mom’s gift, the shiny, silver ring with the glyphs and looked at it closely. Beautiful piece of art. The designer truly is gifted. “Elven glyphs that works as a prayer for couples huh. True or not, one can never deny this thing is a beauty it must be expensive. I have to repay Ma’am’s kindness somehow some other day,” I thought to myself. I gave my mom a call  while walking out of the mall and waited for my mom at the entrance.

     My mom came fifteen minutes later and she noticed the broad smile on face, and also the silver ring on my finger. “Wohoo. Someone got himself a girlfriend,” she said teasing me. My life felt brighter with Natalie by my side. I guess it’s true what people were saying. Finding true love is really beautiful and empowering. “No mom. I didn’t get a girlfriend.” She gave me a confused look. “I got myself an elf. The loveliest,” I said with a grin like the Cheshire Cat.


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